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FlashxedFlashxedFlashxed is a clone of Vexed, a highly addictive puzzle game originally developed for the PalmOS by James McCombe. The author released the full source code to this excellent game under the GPL license and Marco Volmaro, an Argentina designer, ported the game to Flash.

The object of the game is to clear all the blocks from each level by positioning 2 or more boxes of the same type adjacent to each other, making them disappear. To move a block, simply click and drag it in the direction you wish to move it. If an empty space is encountered, “gravity” takes over and the block falls towards the bottom.

Each level has a solution stored in the game. If you solve the level in the same number of moves as what is stored in the game, you get a score of 0 for that level. Unlike in the original game, you will be rewarded with a positive score if you beat the “par” (2 under the “par” will add two points to your score). Using the solution will remove as many points as the number of moves needed to solve the current level.

If the latest version of Flashxed features improved graphics and more than 2800 (twenty eight hundred!) levels in around 50 packs, from very easy to very hard (click and drag the white frame to select any pack/level, or use your wheel mouse), the lack of sound effects and music is a bit disappointing.

Overall, Flashxed is a very nice clone of Vexed, and with so many levels to complete, no need to mention that this game has a great replay value for puzzle fans.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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  1. Arseniy says:

    Good one. |Similar to Blox Forever.

  2. Arseniy says:

    Blox Forever has better GFX and Controls.