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GearTakerGearTakerGearTaker is a skill game released by Tonypa by the end of July on his website. This game is inspired from another of his games, High Wheels.

The object here is to jump from wheel to wheel as they turn. Use your mouse to aim and click to jump. Don’t miss your target, or your small character will end in an edge of the playfield, and the game will be over!

There is no gravity in GearTaker, and once your character is in the air, he will draw a straight dotted line to his final destination, hopefully another wheel! The longer the successful jump, the more points awarded.

Once your character reached a new wheel, the previous one almost disappears. Jump on all the wheels to complete a level and never forget to choose wisely your next target: the longest jumps are usually the most difficult to deal with (feel free to take your time, the game is not timed).

The soundtrack is very unusual and very original: you will either like it or hate it. Click the mute button four times (a little black square at the bottom of the game window – main screen) if it bothers you.

All in all, GearTaker is a very short and simple game, which definitely deserves a chance to play with your nerves. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


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