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Out: File#01Out: File#01Out: File#01 is a Room Escape game released last June by the Japanese Isomura Kai of Tonakai Interactive. Not really designed for beginners, the game takes place in a room full of very well hidden objects and very tricky puzzles to solve: getting out of here is really difficult and dedicated to extremely patient gamers!

You can even die near the end of the game, which is quite unusual in this type of games and can lead to some frustration as you will have to start the whole game over again. Playing a small tune is another challenge that is waiting for you in the game, just like in The Big House, except that you will use a different instrument to do so.

If you’re looking for a real Room Escape challenge, Out:File#01 was designed for you.

Have fun!

Download size: 3.7MB.

Note: Out: File #01 walkthrough in comment #1 (thanks fussycow!)

By Eric

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  1. melissa says:

    i won i won i won i won i won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cuz im smart like that
    i have to HAVE TO play # 2

  2. melissa says:

    cass it took me some time too but then i did it faster n it worked!

  3. alev says:

    i died too :((( how can any1 get out of these rooms wtihout a walkthrough?

  4. Candy says:

    I really enjoyed this one! Didn’t have any problems and only needed a walkthrough for like 3 things! Woot!

  5. Niina says:

    Damn. I died with the gas too. I think I didn´t necessarily turn the wheel all four times… Is it possible to survive from the trap by coming out from there and turning the gas off before all turns blank? I don´t know if someone already answered that, I´m too lazy to see. Amh, have to think it through again tomorrow. Good luck to you others :)

  6. JC says:

    Stupid gas….

  7. usman says:

    i won!!!!!

  8. usman says:

    here is a walkthrough for those who are stuck


  9. wedun says:

    Help with gas:

  10. AISHWARYA says:

    omg that was a challenge

    here is a walkthrough for those who are stuck


  11. Sebastian says:

    What does this thingy mean? X>3 (X = bigger than 3) But it says X=>3 , and also t=480/2x

    What is this supposed to mean? If X=3, t= 53,33 ….. what is the purpose of this to this game