Save The Shoppers

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We start today a series of reviews of the most interesting games released by Tonypa so far. Tonypa is an Estonian designer, very well known in the online gamers and Flash developers community. Most of his games are available for free on his personal website.

Save The ShoppersSave The ShoppersSave the shoppers is a small puzzle game related to consumerism: the object here is to help shoppers save money by drawing lines to block them before they reach the shop!

Shoppers come in four different colors, red, blue, green and yellow. In each new level from the fourth one, you have to draw four different lines, a red, a blue, a green and a yellow one, always in this order. The red line blocks red shoppers, the blue line blue shoppers and so on.

If a shopper reaches the shop, this one grows and get bigger. The game ends when the shop fills the entire playfield. Use your mouse to draw lines where needed.

Shoppers appear randomly all around the playfield, and a new shopper is added for each level completed (1 shopper in level 1, 10 shoppers in level 10). Save all shoppers to go to the next level.

Save The Shoppers is an example of a very simple and very small game (download size: 22 Kb!) that can become very addictive quickly. The idea is as simple as brilliant, with a high replay value. Strongly recommended for a very short break. Have fun!

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