Bee Commando

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Bee CommandoBee CommandoBee Commando is the latest game released today by Martijn Kunst, the author of the famous Base Jumping. In this sequel to Bee Boxing, you will have to struggle again with a tribe of purple bees invading Central Park!

Bee Commando is both a strategy and an action game, though, slightly more on the action side: drag and drop your bees during the turn-based phase to strengthen your weakest armies and then start a battle!

During the battle phase, aim at your opponent’s hive and hold down the mouse button to launch an attack. The goal here is to destroy your enemies hive before they destroy yours! Hold down your mouse button while moving backwards to use your shield and protect your own hive. Using your shield will both inflict damage to your opponents and block their attack. Check your health bar and your opponent’s one and launch your attacks wisely. Using the falling power-ups definitely helps!

Once you have defeated all your opponent’s armies, you will have to defeat the Queen.

If winning the first campaign is easy, a second one, much more difficult, is waiting for you. With only four armies against five for your opponent and stronger enemies, you will have to manage your battles very carefully if you want to dominate your little World.

If the turn-based phase looks a bit too simplistic, the mix between strategy and action adds a lot of fun to the original concept. Graphics and sounds are great, and overall, Bee Commando is more entertaining than Bee Boxing. Expect between 15 and 20 minutes to finish the game.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.50


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