Sora Room Escape

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Sona Room EscapeIn Sora Room Escape, the latest  Room Escape game from StrawberryCafe (Strawberry Escape, Heart Escape 2, Escape from Straberry Room, Escape of Kitten “Narsa” and more) you won’t stay trapped for long in the Sora Room. An easy game, perfect for a short break. Have fun!


28 Comments to Sora Room Escape

  1. Sandra says:


  2. perito says:

    use the shovel in the square of bed

  3. Sandra says:

    and a key and blue dye – put the blue dye..

    stuck :-(

  4. perito says:

    Check the stars picture in the wall

  5. sue says:

    no idea what to do w/the rest of the accumulated items.

  6. perito says:

    put in the green square

  7. sue says:


  8. sue says:

    and it seems like the wand did something to the center of it

  9. perito says:

    im stuck with the code

  10. perito says:

    the numbres i found:

    8 red
    4 orange? (yellow)
    6 purple
    3 purple?

  11. Sandra says:

    you can

    btw: nice new look with the little avatars :D

  12. perito says:

    finally out

  13. Sandra says:

    We need the numbers for:

    orange –
    green –
    pink –

    So I think…

  14. sue says:

    happy end

  15. lou says:

    hi i am the same stuck now

  16. lou says:

    please whats the code for the box my numbers dont work

  17. Sandra says:

    Haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t know where to get the code for the green colour :-(

  18. nick says:

    green color code Show

    orange Show

    blue Show

  19. Edgar says:

    the code for box is

  20. Edgar says:

    code for box


  21. Raika says:


    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show


    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show

    9. Show

    10. Show

    11. Show

    For the Extremely Lazy


    12. Show

    13. Show


    14. Show

    15. Show

  22. Susan says:


  23. vanni ogg says:

    that was simple

  24. Reka says:

    When I put in all the shapes Show

  25. laughingpoodle says:

    Happy End!

  26. cowgirl says:

    Hey y’all, like Sandra said earlier NICE NEW LOOK!! But can some one tell me how you can get one of those avatars??? Thanks… me want one too :)

  27. cowgirl says:

    HAHA NVM i guess you just get one free..