StoneAge Sam 2 – The Ice Age

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StoneAge Sam 2 - The Ice AgeStoneAge Sam 2 - The Ice AgeStoneAge Sam 2 – The Ice Age is the second installment in the Point’n’click adventure series sponsored by 2DPlay.

Your goal remains the same in this game: survive and save yourself and your family!

Find out the hot spots by hovering around with your mouse. Look out for objects which could be hidden. Click on items to interact with them. Solve the puzzles in correct order to help Sam succeed and be careful : you can die in this game!

Have fun!

Play StoneAge Sam 1

Update:  StoneAge Sam 2 video walkthrough! (thanks Tasselfoot!)

By Eric

current rating 4.36


50 Comments to StoneAge Sam 2 – The Ice Age

  1. habib says:


  2. susana says:

    I really like this game :) so funny !

  3. *.* says:

    looks faster than the first one. Froze up on me in the second stage. (no pun intended)

  4. susana says:

    stuck on third level…

  5. *.* says:

    stage 3:Show

    anyone get through stage 4 yet?

  6. *.* says:

    bug report, level 4:

  7. susana says:

    i keep trying with the spears, the game works properly for me, no bug !

  8. *.* says:

    bug on level 4 only happened once. Now I am trying to get away from the yeti a second time, died 3 times now! have no idea what spears you are talking about. Must be later?

  9. susana says:

    haha got it =)

  10. susana says:

    hmm on level 4

  11. susana says:

    I think you are on the end of level 3, you just make the sled ?
    take the board and then click on ice where the family went

    • Blake says:

      When the family goes down on the sled grab the board and click the hill and then you fall off the mountain saving your self from the yeti

  12. anj says:

    what did u do with the spears???

  13. susana says:

    anj : forget the spears ! try to throw something else :)

  14. susana says:

    I´m beginning level 6 now… and die !!

  15. susana says:

    and again and again…

  16. *.* says:

    yeah, I finally got the timing right for the snowboarding part. Now to figure out the games. Lots of hides…

  17. anj says:

    thanks found it!
    now we have the same problem!!!

  18. susana says:

    anj : not anymore, finally kill the yeti ! you have to be fast

  19. *.* says:

    that blasted yeti again.

  20. anj says:

    susana! Show

  21. susana says:

    anj :

  22. susana says:

    *.* do you need help ?

  23. anj says:

    ok found it!

  24. *.* says:

    Got it…Show


  25. Sophia_wang says:

    suck on level 4 now, can’t move on. leave the pothole by the elephant, then pick the stone or gavelock throw forward, repeat and repeat, how to continue?

  26. Laudl says:


    how do you Show

  27. susana says:

    walkthrough : (bad walkthrough, forgive me my english !)

    level 1 : Show

    level 2 :

    level 3 :

    level 4 :

    level 5 :

    level 6 :

  28. habib says:

    The link doesn’t work for me. I just get a white screen.

  29. KevinB says:

    @habib: Disable your adblock temporarily…

  30. One time I remember a bug on level three where his wife and kids clone themselves lol.

  31. hi says:

    I’m stuck at level 3 when you have to beat the guy in the spear throwing X3

  32. brickwall35 says:

    the game wont even load for me. it saids the thing for 2D gaming, then goes black. whats the problem?

  33. gfh says:

    Stuck on level 4 tryna throw the spears ? Help!

  34. im stuck says:

    i can not get past the sled i am history every time he always just jumps off the cliff

  35. Bigcow says:

    you make sure yeti at king seat then get to green apples pick them up. then run away but make sure yeti is king seat and you are near tree. Then throw apple at it and climb tree. Then hit it and you king

  36. Bigcow says:

    when is stoneage sam 3 out

  37. Angeldragon says:

    i need help….. i cant figger out what to do in the first level. i picked up the vines and have gone to the edge, but now what?

  38. Angeldragon says:

    o hey i did it!!!!

  39. Angeldragon says:

    trying to figure out what to do in level three

  40. christopher says:

    then you have to let the boy thown by cliking the rock

  41. christopher says:


  42. cindrella says:

    could some one help me in solving level 4?????

  43. zacharias says:

    im stuck on lvl3? i keep jumping off screen because of the yeti, i click on sled and i go down afterwards, yet ‘im history’? any help?

  44. rafi says:

    hey guys i can’t complete even da level 2 (when all other character gets off the screen and the caveman comes again..) when will do there (im downloading a walkthrough video now but i like to discover with myself but sometimes i use walkthrough,faqs)

  45. Soumya says:

    How can i get away from the yeti the second time . everytime i try to use the sled i fall off and die .

  46. khaled kotaih says:

    what i have to do with the bone?

  47. af62 says:

    i need help throwing the spears and the rocks. the guy keeps beating me

  48. BuffaloButt says:

    Level 6 D: My pc keeps Glitching on me after i pick up the fruit