Tower Stacker

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Tower StackerTower Stacker is another one-button Block Stacking game similar to Thor Towers and many others. Build a tower hundreds of feet tall then watch it collapse. Blocks get smaller and smaller. How high can you reach before it all falls to pieces? Perfect for a 5 minute break at work! Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to Tower Stacker

  1. marutz says:


  2. tihana says:

    10th all time….2points to 1st place….!!!!

  3. Toxic says:

    Found it a bit tedious once I’d got past 300ft…

  4. lml119 says:

    hey tihana how do u know ur tenth all time? How do u get to see the high scores? lol

  5. lml119 says:

    nevermind ijust got it! LOL

  6. megan lewis says:

    ive got into 2nd place on today but that was only because it was 9.19am
    i really need cheats if anyone has got some please Edit:****
    thanks x

  7. Billy says:

    any cheats?