Cow’s New year

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Cow's New yearCow's New yearHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Cow’s new year!

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Have fun!

Update: Cow’s New year walkthrough in comment #13(thanks Szilvie !)

By Eric

current rating 4.00


21 Comments to Cow’s New year

  1. oma says:

    Out!, nice little game, thank you

  2. Crool says:

    Out, very cute game again! ;)

  3. sue says:

    cow end, any others?

  4. neko_diego says:

    So cute! As always…

  5. shaz says:

    totally stuck all i have left is this green wapping paper,see cat chasing mouse.cow still caged,clicked every thing nothings happening

  6. shaz says:

    ok figured some thing and i had clicked there b4

  7. shaz says:

    out.theres only one ending for this one,but previous ones where there was 1 ending there are other endings now

  8. Puppy says:

    can’t believe it l am in the first 10!!!!
    I was like ,what that cat is doing in front of the mirror?
    getting make up…..hahahahahaha

  9. wolma says:

    What do I do withShow


  10. Kasana says:

    I’m out. Easy peasy

  11. sian says:

    help plz it’s kinda sad but i don’t know how to do it :(

  12. Tom says:

    Easy out. Only place you might get stuck is:


  13. Szilvie says:


    You should be done with the Cow Ending. :)

  14. Hokubella says:


  15. stezton says:

    Wow. First one I’ve finished without hints. :)

  16. ceres says: need of walkthrough

  17. Allstar says:

    EASY PEASY GAME but cute as always.

  18. Drake says:

    There is a second ending


    You’ll get the rat ending.

  19. Sierra says:

    there is another ending with the rat
    walkthrough to second ending:


    pick up chopsticks
    go to second screen and give them to panda
    while you are there get the rice cake
    go to the third screen and get the cheese
    then go to the fourth screen and pick up the small rice cake and give the blanket to the dragon mask
    once the dragon is moving pick up the string under it
    go back to the third screen attach the string to the spool and when the squid inks pick the ink up
    put the big rice cake then the small rice cake on the house
    go to the first screen and give the cat the cheese now he should be chasing the mouse
    go to the last screen and give the guy with the pen the ink
    get the feather
    go to the second screen and give the monkey and the girl the feather
    when they are done playing take the “feather” off the ground and take the orange from it
    go to the third screen and put the orange on top of the rice cakes
    take the other cat
    go to the first screen and put the cat down in front of the chase
    she will take the mouse to its hole (:

  20. sarah says:

    I like it!!! i’ve played most of the games already!

  21. numbus says:

    I got both ends,first, follow any of these walkthroughs, they work but don’t pay attention to the end just yet; bu now you do.

    Cow End:Show

    Rat End:Show