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GatewayGatewayGateway is a short Room Escape game created by Anders Gustafsson.

The object here is to escape from 7 different rooms by solving simple puzzles. The author did an amazing job here: the game includes very nice pseudo 3D animations, a very well-done tutorial, a few realistic sounds, a save and load options, and the result is definitely superb!

The game is very stylish and polished, easy to play and not really difficult. Gateway is one of those perfect games for a 15 minute break. Simple and brilliant, I’m lookin forward to seeing a sequel.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.45


147 Comments to Gateway

  1. LOST says:


    • MAx says:

      954271( it is the order you look through on the tv, drive way, front door, kitchen, livingroom, stairs, bedroom.)

  2. Soup says:


  3. josh says:

    tv code Show

  4. pottie says:

    tele scope code plz

  5. Lidka9 says:

    telescope code: Show

  6. brooke7777777 says:

    level 7 can’t get second plank down how do u do it

  7. liler says:

    how do you get the second plank down on level 7

  8. Lauren . x says:

    LEVEL 7 – Show


    TV LEVEL CODE – Show

  9. freddy says:

    sweet beat the game woot woot!!

  10. freddy says:

    telescope code is 933937

    and the tv room is 954271

  11. kathy says:

    on gateway 2 what do you do in the room whit the newpaper!!!!!!!!!!!

    • miiya says:

      you place the newspaper under the door and use the screw thing and the key will fall under the door.then you pull the paper and get the key.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Cute game, but the controls were too annoying!
    I did love the bit where you look through the telescope, then look at the window again and the guy is standing there. I lold and also, nice stragetic place to put the code to the door

  13. jemma east says:

    Level 7 part is easy all u have to do is get the colours on the floor to match then u walk through the same door u came in then push the plank, then make the the colours on the floor just like they were before.After that walk through level 8’s door.

  14. madz says:

    can someone help with level 8 and all the black balls??

  15. Tanny says:

    heyy ummm what do i do after the t.v room?

  16. ponymad says:

    level 8 the black balls

    the order of the black balls is large pearl,medium pearl,huge pearl,tiny pearl,big pearl,small pearl

    hope this helps

  17. moran says:

    how do you get past the circle room with 6 light bulbs?

  18. Hannah says:

    um need help with the circle room.

  19. kh bhbthb says:

    how do u do the one with the girl robot walking through the house

    • cool dude says:

      u trak the orange robot, you have to press the diffrent numbers next to the tv screen to see the diffrent video cameras. you keep on following the robot withe the video cameras. the code is the order of the video camera’s# you had to press in order to trak the orange robot

      if you have no ideal wat i just said then here is the code: Show

  20. DarkShadow says:

    How do you get past the room with the lightbulbs and the color changing floor?

    • cool dude says:

      the lights will blink a certin number of times. you have to step on each colored square piece the number of times the light bub blinks after that a elevator will rise if you have acommplished this.step on the elevator and you are finished with the game

  21. Mehar says:

    I need help on level two!!!!!

  22. Hunter says:

    how do you get passed the second plank on level one

  23. Hunter says:

    nevermind figured it out

  24. MEEE says:

    t.v room=954271
    plank room=nock over first bored, than get the colors the same on the ground, walk through first door, then nock over 2nd plank, then turn off all colors and walk to next destination!!!!!

  25. daniel0p says:

    the answer for: Level 10 – Circle room with lightbulbs and colored floor

  26. theclashfanable says:

    how do u pass this lvl with the walkways?

  27. lucy says:

    i need help on level 8

  28. amy says:

    need help on level one, what buttons do u press??

  29. Nathasja says:

    The colours for the last level is

  30. Karrie says:

    How do you get past the level with the planks and the floors changes?

  31. monk says:

    code for telescope room?

    • singerforeverwhogetsboredandplaysthisgame says:

      it’s easy. it’s Show

      Hope this helps!!

  32. meg says:

    how do you get past the tellphone part befor you …..

  33. arcanis says:

    Need help with gateway 2 lvl 1

  34. NeedsHelp says:

    I need help with the last level- the one with the lightbulbs and the color changing floor. i need a nice clear way to pass it, starting from when i enter the room. Thanks!

  35. Abbi says:

    I cant do the one with the six light bulbs?