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GatewayGatewayGateway is a short Room Escape game created by Anders Gustafsson.

The object here is to escape from 7 different rooms by solving simple puzzles. The author did an amazing job here: the game includes very nice pseudo 3D animations, a very well-done tutorial, a few realistic sounds, a save and load options, and the result is definitely superb!

The game is very stylish and polished, easy to play and not really difficult. Gateway is one of those perfect games for a 15 minute break. Simple and brilliant, I’m lookin forward to seeing a sequel.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.45


147 Comments to Gateway

  1. random kid says:

    eric the lvl 7 walkthrough is rubbish!!!

  2. Banana says:

    On lev. 7 I got the right colours but no elevator.Please put in some pics.And make a third Gateway-If you already have…..HORAY!Why didn’t I here about it?Anyhooooo…..Bye!

  3. rose says:

    Level 7 with light bulbs – you walk in and then the first light is the one u see when u turn left in this order the lights go in a circle left from bottom right to top right


    leave room come back in a repeat same colour order then an elevator will appear in the middle. Make sure you get the right order !!

  4. rose says:

    davyd and jody – u do the order yourself by changing each colour to the right one in the order i just showed. When you want a certain coulour go onto the triangle in front then back onto the one u want until u get the right colour. Repeat this al the way around. . . keep trying it took me a while but its easy in the end.

  5. Game finsher says:


  6. Rixirox says:

    i am really stuck on level 7 please could someone just explain it point by point how 2 do it please i luv da 2nd one and i hope theres a third im only 12♣☼

  7. ness says:

    thanks eric!

    i found that all the clours were exactly the same for me… so…

    thanks again!

  8. Christen says:

    Thank you for the help. Things were different for me but I understood everything.

  9. mike123 says:

    omg the ending was so retarded but gateway 2 is suppose to continue from the first 1 thats why the ending from gateway 1 is like that but it was too short thats the thing im mad about

  10. mike123 says:

    why do u people think theres going to be a 3th gateway? it doesnt make sense thats how the 2nd 1 ends and u think theres a 3th 1? man u people r stupid!

  11. redlink44 says:

    i dont know what to do with the 4 buttons at the first part god i suk

  12. mad says:

    that wasnt a very good game….i mean compared to the second one which was really cool…!!!

  13. sally says:

    hey thanks for the walkthru it really helped. i didn’t really get the ending, the ending of gateway 2 made more sense, but at least i made it thru with all the help!

  14. Sion says:


  15. blach says:

    ok here is the finish for the last level as best I can explain it.

    When the floor is the colour it starts at think of that as 0.

    Each time the light blinks in the corresponding sector, that is the number of times you must step on the floor. So if the light blinks 3 times, make it change colours to the third colour.

    Repeat for each section of the pie.

  16. iiddaaa says:


    I don`t know how can i go out of room whwrw is the television..Does somebody know??

  17. iiddaaa says:

    hahahah!! I mean where is the television!! sorry! ;D

  18. Hilly says:

    thanx i needed that help! Im gonna put this game and the second on my website! and and answersheet!

  19. Marije says:

    what’s the code from the keypad in the bathroom?

  20. josh says:

    im stuck on room 1!! i press buttons 1 n then 4 but nothing happens! can anyone explain how you do it fully?

  21. hussy says:

    fully sik game in the 6th room i did 542719 instead of 954271 and i thought i did rong wat i think i think its one of the best escape kinda games chemo:)

  22. douchey says:

    i need help at last part its hard to do the colors

  23. picko says:

    can sum1 help me with the level where you have the two strips on the floor with the plank things no walkthroughs are helping me! please can someone explain !!!

  24. David says:

    for level two, I can’t tell what the colours are suppose to be

  25. somebody says:

    Hello is anybody else having a problem with starting the game? I’m on a black screen that says laoding 100% but I can’t do anything

  26. jade says:

    dude white chamber is way better than this. search it on google its by fasco

  27. Boomshackalacka says:

    Thnx for the help dude i wouldnt be able to win that last level :)

  28. lol_hot dude says:

    good game. . . but the ending could be a lot better!!! gateway 2 is easier!! but they’re both great games!!!

  29. Shaun says:

    omfg awesome, i know it wont link to the series but make a 3rd (possibly another series) i loved it

  30. Hei says:

    Cool game

  31. jodi says:

    the second game is more challenging and fun! its called gateway II

  32. Woohoo says:

    What happens after the end of gateway 2? do mike and laura get back together? more importantly, who is the character you control throughout gateway 2? if you’re the robot from gateway 1, then why are you a different colour?

  33. Becky says:

    it took us a while to figure out the very last one!
    mkay so this is what you do,

  34. Rebecca says:

    The game took forever and drove me nuts! I NEVER wanted to stop until i beat the game! Gateway 2 is better and once you get to the 3rd door inside is a light turnit on 3 times and then youll see a light blink 3 times after go to the desk and pick up the phone type in 11223311 and youll get to the next door! It took me forever to find it out but i did!
    this has been a Rebecca letter! Thankyou for taking my advise!!!! LOL

  35. Flea says:

    Thx gd walktrhough, only needed on lvl 7 tho still good work buddy keep it up XD

  36. Theman says:

    Thanks eric i finished with your walk through!

  37. marco says:

    thanks dude cudint have don it wit out the walk through

  38. ultimate gateway fan and addict says:

    hey guys i figured out what happened to laura mike and the gray guy ok here it goes Show

  39. Katie says:

    Thank you!! I’ve Done It now!

  40. Chris says:

    Hi i am stuck on the part where you have to put the code in i think it has to do with the peeper thing when u look at the guy two times Edit:****

  41. truffe says:

    hi, in gateway 2, im stucked on the room where there is a tv in static… what do i do??? please help me!!! :(

  42. dr_jeckyl says:

    ok, on the end girl is on the flor. what next? what is the code.
    9 numbers…?

  43. dr_jeckyl says:

    dial Show

  44. dr_jeckyl says:

    I did this…!! :D
    the last code on the girl is…

    good luck. :)

  45. pika kechup lover says:

    the tv part is wrong its Show

    i tried urs it doesnt work… the way its orange boxwoman

  46. freakface says:

    on the last level of gateway2 i cant figure out the code for the last tape someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. freakface says:

    gateway is way eisier than gateway ll.oh and in gateway ll the tv code is 687.

  48. Anon says:

    wow ppl i relly am stuck on the light bulb lvl plz tell me if u know how 2 do it thanx

  49. Martin Lewis says:

    I don’t think I would have got the bulbs without the walkthrough. Thanks. Now onto GW2!

  50. Kam says:

    Whats the code in gateway 1 on the first level?
    I cant figure it out!! I thought it had to do with the writting ‘peeper’ but I dunno what to do