Serendipity in 2D

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Serendipity in 2D Serendipity in 2DIf you enjoyed games like Hapland, Cowabanga or Ari, you may want to check out Serendipity in 2D, a new stickman Point’n’Click game by Justin McKeon in which your goal is to “save life, take life and find love!”

You can kill and save different people here, but there is only one way to complete all three objectives.

Click the “?” Button in the top right corner of the game window in case you get stuck!

Have fun!

Update: Serendipity in 2D walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks to Dwinged and Nitrox and kudos to gfx1978 at Newgrounds!)

By Eric

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46 Comments to Serendipity in 2D

  1. Tom says:

    Wow first!

  2. babycarrots says:

    first yay

  3. babycarrots says:

    2nd :( ok so man with glasses doesn’t need soda give him nuts

  4. babycarrots says:

    help plz?

  5. Dasey says:

    um, so i’ve saved a life and killed the guy.. so now i need the heart :]
    but im stuck.. help?

    that’s all i have xD

    • Nikki says:

      That’s not right, but I thought the same thing.

  6. Dwinged says:

    Walkthrough: You have to do some things before you do others so here is one way of doing it.


  7. mee says:

    I´m also stuck with no hart/love :-(

  8. Dwinged says:

    If really I’m upset that I was obligated to kill patient to get LOVE for completing game

  9. nitrox says:

    here is a walkthrough i found on newgrounds thank you gfx1978 for the walkthrough!!!

    • 100Cent Thats Right I'm The Bew One says:

      Er, Present? What present? :/

    • Lucy says:

      what i dont get the 3rd paragraph??? like when does the pilot come, and stuff like when do you click the jumper, please explain more clearly!! x

  10. nitrox says:

    i found some bonus clicks on the end screen

  11. Trek says:

    for some reason i can’t get the squirrel to go through the window… so i cant wake up the guy..

    • Brianna says:


  12. Trek says:

    Nevermind, i finally got it :]
    here’s some help for anyone who was stuck where i was

    hope that helped someone, great game btw

  13. mee says:

    I can´t get the Show

    help someone?

  14. mee says:

    oh! I´m out! I don´t know what i did different this time…? But it worked :-)

  15. charlie says:

    I’m also stuck with the Show

    . Help please ?!

  16. Lovedr123 says:


  17. victoria says:

    I don’t understand the coffee with the nurse/surgeon I can’t get them both to the elevator one runs off and I have look over number 5 of the walkthrough maybe I am missing somthing please Help

  18. duff says:

    wow thanks nitrox!

  19. Ed says:

    FYI, credit for the walkthrough belongs to gfx1978 at newground

  20. o.o says:


  21. Anna says:

    heres the walk through


  22. Darklightning says:

    Some people’s walkthroughs, missed some important details, here they are:


  23. O.o says:

    I can’t get the pilot to fall instead of the jumper!
    I’ve tried it so many times but nothing! I always end up killing the wrong guy..

  24. Xan says:

    Okay, I can’t find the Show

  25. Drufes says:

    this is funny before you click the guy your apost to kill click he two pation and if done at the end thay will still have there hand up


  26. DNOMN8R says:

    Awesome game!

  27. .... says:


  28. mattjmtag says:

    im pathetic, whats a gopher?

  29. potunky says:

    same problem, roof guy jumps

  30. cool says:


  31. sandy says:

    i stuck how to get the heart plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help i been here tring like 4 1 week ????plz help there is no way u can have save the guy in the roof!!!

  32. duff says:

    this walk though rules!

  33. C says:

    I got the squirrel in the window, I just can’t get him to jump inside. HELP!

  34. C says:

    Ok, I still need help but I can help with the guy on the roof. Show

    Hope that helps.

  35. Tim.jiang says:

    whenever i get the surgeon and dentist dude to go to the cafe the door never opens!!

  36. dana says:


  37. Taya says:

    click the moon at the very end for a shooting star

  38. Slayer says:

    i cant do the heart or save a life