Escape from the Balcony

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Escape from the BalconyIn Escape from the Balcony, a new Room Escape game all written in Japanese, you find yourself trapped on a… balcony. The sun is shinning hard, and you will have to find a way to get out of here before you succumb to dehydration! For Japanese readers only! Have fun!

Escape from the Balcony walkthrough in comment #10 (thanks FF04at!)

By Eric

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  1. keli87 says:


  2. keli87 says:

    so far have Show

  3. Crool says:

    Hi keli, I just played the game on another side. You can’t get the phonenumber without reading japanese.
    So for the one’s who can’t read Japanese
    the PHONENUMBER is Show

    Have fun all

  4. Crool says:

    waiting for a new game now… ;)

  5. keli87 says:

    Thanks Crool, was just going post something, tried looking at japanese sites but i still dont understand them..

  6. keli87 says:

    get a Show

    and if you cant open the door Show

    Language barrier is the only thing that makes this game harder….. otherwise nice game

  7. cyn says:

    what is the use of the red key? And where is the postcard?

  8. keli87 says:

    the psotcard Show

  9. keli87 says:

    red key Show

  10. FF04at says:



  11. marc says:

    postal code Show