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PacManPacManPacMan is a very popular arcade game if not the one that “started it all”. Created by Tohru Iwatani for Namco, it was released in Japan in 1979 and became an instant hit.

A few of us know that the hero was first named “PuckMan” evidently due to his shape. However, before its release in the United States, the title was changed to “PacMan” because PuckMan was an easy target for vandals to convert into a vulgarity.

This Flash version of PacMan was developed by Paul Neave in 2004 and is so far the closest version from the original. So close that the game is no longer available on Neave’s website “due to legal constraints surrounding its misuse of Namco’s trademark and copyright”.

Luckily, the game spread everywhere on the Web, and it can be easily found in many portals. Meet “Blinky”, “Pinky”, “Inkey” (original name “Inky”) and “Clyde” in this near-perfect adaptation! Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. jordan says:

    hey ma people down there in Pacman land get it right next time ok lmao

  2. Lena says:

    Hey, people (:
    I would like to download the game to my pc..
    But i can’t find it any where..
    Can any one tell me where can i download it?
    I love this version..
    Because i have been downloaded a lot of versions, and they all sucks..

    Well, hope you can help me..


  3. guilherme says:

    download ?