Christmas Escape (Gameshandbook)

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Christmas Escape (Gameshandbook)Christmas Escape is a new Room Escape game from GamesHandbook. “You have been locked in a store in the mall and you have to escape to get home for Christmas.” There are so many Christmas Escape games I can’t count them! Have fun!

Christmas Escape (Gameshandbook) walkthrough in comment #34 (thanks Ginja_Ninja!)

By Eric

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53 Comments to Christmas Escape (Gameshandbook)

  1. Sophia says:

    I only find one key, in the computer, by answer the 5 questions.

    The answers are:


    Edit: please use spoiler tags! Thanks!

    • cherry says:

      the other one is on the number pad… use the word YULETIDE with
      the corresponding numbers for each
      letter.. example: y = 25 (alphabet)

  2. Ginja_Ninja says:

    I found another key:

  3. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Oh and you also get Show

  4. emi says:

    so far


  5. Ginja_Ninja says:

    I can’t figure out what you’re sposed to Show

    Any ideas?

  6. moonoy says:

    Hi all .. I’m just get ready :P

  7. keli87 says:

    Good morning all!!

  8. keli87 says:

    Make your screen zoom in there is a key Show

  9. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Ok got 4 keys:

    5th one’s obviously to do with keypad, no idea for code though

  10. keli87 says:


  11. keli87 says:

    when uve done th4e piano Show

  12. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Argh the keypad’s annoying. I have no idea what the code is. I’ve tried variations of the date, 24th of December cos it’s christmas eve and the 25th aswell, but no luck

  13. keli87 says:

    has anyone done anything else?

  14. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Nah keli87 i’ve got 4 keys, just need the one from the keypad. Any ideas for the code?

    • Morgan says:

      25 21 12 5 20 9 4 5
      but hit enter after every number but when ur done entering it then hit the red spot…

  15. keli87 says:

    i have now got Show

  16. moonoy says:

    I use the gun with bullet at the right see the dog but dont know what to do next. Sorry for poor english :)

  17. Martin :D says:

    Easy Piano (pretty flat I’m afraid) Hi Keli

  18. keli87 says:

    Hi Martin.. Save me my sanity… Have you worked out the code?

  19. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Argh stupid cat walked over the keyboard and refreshed the page! Have to start all over again!

  20. Chris says:


  21. keli87 says:

    ohhhh nooo i closed it.. got to start again!!!

  22. Martin :D says:

    Nah, I didn’t work it out…but I can give you a hint before I go

    Have fun.

  23. keli87 says:

    you dont need gun to Show

    DOG… Show

  24. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Figured out code

  25. keli87 says:

    i know that one martin.. from sophia (ty sophia) id have never put that..
    The code on the back wall?? or do you use the answer from question 5 twice?
    Do i even need to find a code at all??

  26. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Oh forgot to mention the code:Show

  27. keli87 says:

    im more confused than ever!! lol

  28. Chris says:

    Ops! I’ve killed the dog!!!

  29. keli87 says:

    hehe, i did that… time to start again…lol

  30. keli87 says:

    im going to go insane i think…..i really dont want to give up!!

  31. keli87 says:

    Ive tried logo as numbers now i wouldnt have thought of that thanks martin but thats not helping either

  32. keli87 says:

    i have never been so stumped before?!

  33. moonoy says:

    Here the code of wall :


  34. Ginja_Ninja says:


  35. keli87 says:

    oh geees ive been on this game an hour! im supposed to be out in 20 mins but still in my pj’s!!!

  36. keli87 says:

    Good luck on finding 5th key!! ill check back later!

  37. Em says:

    Have no idea for the code on the wall… Anyone?
    Have 4 keys.

  38. dave says:

    the code for the key pad is-Show

  39. dave says:

    it spells yuletide…simple when you know how

  40. sunshine says:

    Can’t shoot the lead from the dog. and cann’t zoom in on the Tree???

  41. keli87 says:


    hey well done for finding code.. i had no idea u were playing i never saw any of your messages this morning.. sorry

  42. Reka says:

    This is a very stupid game:
    – Hunting of moving pixels (dog’s leash)
    – ESP required (5th question on computer, keypad on wall, piano)
    – Tedium (picking up six individual bullets, putting six individual bullets into gun)
    – Have I mentioned the mindreading requirement?
    – Need to drag items from inventory to the exact correct pixel (keys, bullets)
    – That key in the tree is #@!#% annoying, although strictly speaking it isn’t pixel-hunting (once you know it’s there, you can sorta see it, whereas true pixel-hunting requires you to click random spots that don’t look any different from any other random spot)
    – Just in case I haven’t mentioned it: if a game requires telepathy, it automatically sucks.

  43. Martin :D says:

    Reka Show

    Keli Show

  44. gman says:

    dumb game stupid number pad won’t work even with correct code and trying multiple times, damn thing just sits on screen must be a glitch, whatcha expect for a free game though ya know

  45. Sol says:

    I still wonder about how the answer and the question no. 5 relate to each other. Huh??

  46. Ginja_Ninja says:

    Hey keli87 thanks, that’s cool, my first time posting, so all my messages were withheld for moderation. I didn’t realise at first either lol

  47. Roo..x says:

    Hello, thank you ALL of you for your comments im only 13 and this game was doing my head in thank you x i would never of forgiven my self if i shut it down lol x thanks again x

  48. happyflap says:

    i cant find out question 4 lol

  49. dont.ask says:

    where’s the fifth key? i have the piano one, the dog one, the computer one and the keypad one.