Escape to KOUJOU (aka Escape from the Factory)

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Escape to KOUJOU (aka Escape from the Factory)Escape to KOUJOU (aka Escape from the Factory)Escape to KOUJOU aka Escape from the Factory is the latest Room Escape game developed by Bianco Bianco, the author of Escape to KARAKURI, Colony Odyssey, Dr Itchie’s Room and many more.

You find yourself trapped in a small storage facility designed by Dr Itchie to test your Escape skills! Don’t disappoint him!

Escape to KOUJOU is great looking and it reminds me a bit of the games from IDAC

Have fun!

Update: Escape to KOUJOU (aka Escape from the Factory) walkthrough in comment #3 (thanks Crool!)

Update: Escape to Koujou video walkthrough!

By Eric

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23 Comments to Escape to KOUJOU (aka Escape from the Factory)

  1. Eli says:

    First? And out! Pretty easy and nice one…
    Oh, snow!

  2. Crool says:

    same here, but wondering if there is another escape possible, because I didn’t use the machine on the shelf, did you?

  3. Crool says:

    This is not the shortest way, but only a copy of my notes by playing this game:

    found a Show

    the boxes are collord like:

    found a collorcode on palet:Show

    tried this on the boxes, but nothing happend

    found a staple in Show

    found a note that said: Show

    found document 1/3 and 2/3

    ok, walked around and around, but find another vieuw now: Show

    ok the collorcode: I figured it out finaly: Show

    Back to the closetvieuw, Show

    there is the 3th paper

    took me a while but found stapler now, Show

    put staple in stapler and stapled the papers now, and notice a clue on the Show

    ok if I turn Show

    than the 2nd code will be: Show

    Yessssssss, it worked, got a key now ;)

    found a timecard Show

    put Show

    and than put Show

    than put the Show

    and your out

  4. Martin :D says:

    Hi Crool, I think there is a tiny bug in the game.

  5. Crool says:

    @Martin, hahahaha lol poor me ;)

  6. Bird says:

    either i’m really stupid or there’s a gliche in my game Show

  7. Kim says:

    Hi Bird, the wrench you have made actually Show

    Hope that helps you. I would have never found this view if it weren’t for Crool! : )

  8. b says:

    Where is the second document? I only got the first and the third??!?!?!? Please HElp!!!

  9. johanna says:

    How do you combine the socket and the wratchet/ stapler staples?

  10. mikie says:

    I found the box i’m supposed to open but can’t seem to open it with the ratchet… how do you do it?

  11. mom says:

    Ihave found all the gadgits, but I can’t use any of them. I click, doubble click, press letters, even enter NOTHING works. How do I combine and use anything?

  12. aPandaBare says:

    I’m at the point where you’re supposed to use the ratchet but clicking on it once then clicking on the black box does nothing. Clicking on the ratchet twice just open the item details. Am I supposed to combine the ratchet and socket? If so, how?

  13. mom says:

    yea! what aPandaBare said this is driving me batty.

  14. aPandaBare says:

    mom, i think everyone from december 11th has left and won’t be helping us…i guess it’s up to me and you to figure this out! if i get it, i’ll let you know…

  15. mom says:

    Thanks aPandaBare, we can do this. Its all about finding the way, if there is a way.

  16. brukkes says:

    hello mom an aPandaBare, first double click on f i the stapler, then click once on the staples, while the stapler is still in the zoomview.
    Now go with your cursor on the stapler and click where you normally place the staples into the stapler, it will insert them.
    Same will happen with the ratchet and socket. I had the same problem as you guys ;-)

  17. Tonnie2460 says:


  18. _Storm_ says:

    aPandaBare…See spoiler for your answer :)

  19. aPandaBare says:

    Hey brukkes, tonnie and storm you all ROCK. I got it. U cool, mom?

  20. mom says:

    Finally!!!! Thanks, I was beginning to feal lost and abandoned… in a deserted factory.

  21. Ara says:

    I´m so stuck!!!I can´t touch almost anything!!!I only have the staples and the 2nd document…I´m not able to touch the aerosol or the clock or NOTHING ELSE!!!please, I beg for some help!!!

  22. Ara says:

    ok…in the video I see that I should can click on a lot of stuff…but I can´t…so, can anyone tell me what the F*** is going on?