Escape from Room of Daily Life

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Escape from Room of Daily LifeAfter Bean Escape and Mushroom Escape, here is Escape from Room of Daily Life, a more classical Room Escape game from StrawberryCafe (Heart Escape 2, Escape from Straberry Room, Escape of Kitten “Narsa”). There are several endings in this one. Have fun!

By Eric

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41 Comments to Escape from Room of Daily Life

  1. rosita says:

    yea new game

  2. friend says:

    yes lets start

  3. fanny says:

    i’m stuck
    got 2 plants…1 bottle n a key

  4. rosita says:

    need help any1 on?Show

  5. rosita says:

    has an1 figured this out?

  6. friend says:

    even i got all those and stuck

  7. rosita says:

    going to bed

  8. kleuz says:

    For order of plants: Show

    I’m out but there has to be Show

    so i’m restarting now.

    Anyone figured out the Show

  9. chwing says:

    Rosita: Show

  10. friend says:

    where is the glod plant and how u used the decoder on chair?

  11. kleuz says:

    Never mind, got it

  12. friend says:

    i think the ten and 3 arrrow clue informs us to go 3 times in that direction and use the clue on the code box.but i dont get the code…..any help plz….

  13. friend says:

    use th card on door again after u enter the room u get a gold pot behind the heart shaped cabinet

  14. friend says:

    each pot has diff shape under it

  15. friend says:

    kept all 4 pots on steps

  16. friend says:

    now stuck………….. ha ha ha

  17. Fanny says:


  18. SuzieGirl64 says:

    Out but I didn’t work out how toShow

  19. SuzieGirl64 says:

    for code:

  20. kleuz says:

    suzie you can get the key Show

  21. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I’m scratching my head trying to work it out! No good! Is it to do with the box I can’t open on the shelf?

  22. SuzieGirl64 says:

    OK got it! That was a tricky clue!

  23. Kitty says:

    Yes its really tricky, or I’m to stupid, cant figure it out, another hint for the code please?

  24. Kitty says:

    I’ve tryed 111213 oder 289 or 3910 nothing works

  25. Josesita says:

    someone is still playing?… im missing one plant! the one woth the X..!! HELP?!?!

  26. miacat says:

    code for the box on shelf???????????????
    picture must be a hint, but I don’t get it….

  27. Leianne says:

    what is the code for push button box? I don’t get the arrows and ten clue.

  28. perito333 says:

    Any help with te push botton box? I don’t find the clue

  29. Kitty says:


  30. Helu says:

    what is the code for the push button box? X__x i think that the arrows indicate the place where you can put the code }, but, i don’t know, (sorry for my english XD)

  31. Helu says:

    O_O I go to the door and click, and i’m out XD jaja and i don’t open the little door haha

  32. rosita says:

    where are the tweezers?

  33. Mikey says:

    Got it…

    T E N and the arrows below means….
    take the next letter…

    U F O

  34. rosita says:

    how do i get the code from plants out the coffe?where are these tweezers?helppppppppppppp

  35. josesita says:

    Thanks Kitty!!!!… and out!

  36. josesita says:

    Rosita…. tweezers are Show

    Hope you can make it!!

  37. Helu says:

    got two ends! by the little door, and by the withe door, I have escaped by both ways, but not yet understand how I have escaped by the withe door X_X

  38. MommyBerrios says:

    For any other poor soul who tries this game after the fact and CAN’T GET THAT D&%$! PAPER ONTO THE CHAIR… Show

    Duh!!! I feel stupid. That drove me crazy!!!!!

    For any curious souls about the 2 endings: Show

  39. Maria Ekholm says:

    I don’t understand where to find the golden plant with the “x”. Can someone please tell me where to find it?

  40. Maria Ekholm says:

    Oh… now I got it… ;)

  41. Soozn says: