The Several Journeys of Reemus – Chapter 2

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The Several Journeys of Reemus - Ch. 2 - The All-Knowing ParasiteThe Several Journeys of Reemus - Ch. 2 - The All-Knowing ParasiteThe Several Journeys of Reemus, Chapter 2, The All-Knowing Parasite is the third installment in the Point’n’Click adventure series Journeys of Reemus  created by Zeebarf.

“I read all your feedback and tried to improve upon all the criticisms. It ended up being twice the workload, which is why I’m about two months late with releasing it. Hopefully you enjoy the extra effort!

Expect more animation, bigger puzzles and the ability to finally control Reemus and Liam”, the author said.

Have fun!

The Several Journeys of Reemus – Chapter 2 walkthrough in comments #16 and # 25 (thanks Prid-Speed and Bishounen!)

The Several Journeys of Reemus – Chapter 2 video walkthrough!

By Eric

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35 Comments to The Several Journeys of Reemus – Chapter 2

  1. habib says:

    First… hi hi hi

  2. FF04at says:


  3. Habi says:

    Those are always fun ^_^
    But this one was pretty easy T.T

    More more =D

  4. Olbo says:

    Sorry for my english…

    In this double scene, where the little purple guy is hanging on the tree, I`m stuck…

    First I shocked the tree with this little purple bugg… than I get this strawberry drink at the right scene and gave it to the beaver (?)…. with the sharpen stick I cut off this plant on the right scene… now, I’m stuck…

    Can someone help me … please… :)

  5. Fanny says:

    I did it, too. Nice one, respect. Looking forward to playing the next one.

  6. victoria says:

    am stuck on the Yallerpedes that love pepperment leaves Help Please

  7. victoria says:

    Never Mind I got it :)

  8. marie says:

    Now I’m stuck at the Yallerpedes. Any help? Please?

  9. Mart1 says:

    how do you get the wings to make Liam look like a bee?

  10. mruport says:

    anyone know how to get the stripes?

    • jame says:

      turn liam gold and click the large thorns near the spider web,then get reemus to hit the blackberry and that should give him stripes

  11. oma says:

    Made the lucky ending and the hero ending.
    Nice game

  12. victoria says:

    Great Game
    3 endings :
    coward – coward
    coward – lucky
    hero – hero
    Just retry the last screen

  13. victoria says:

    Great Game
    3 endings :
    coward – coward
    coward – lucky
    hero – hero
    Just retry the last screen

  14. victoria says:

    mruport for the stripes


  15. trainset says:

    how the hell do i do the bit with the bear guarding the bridge?
    i know you have to use the leaves…put them in the glass mushroom…but then what?

  16. Prid-Speed says:

    *Sorry. BUG FIXED!*


    Area 1:

    Area 2:

    Area 3:

    Area 4:

    Area 5:

    Area 6:

    Area 7:

    I hope this walkthrough was helpful. Please let me notify. I spent some hours one it, but it turned out well. I hope my english wasn’t too bad!

  17. victoria says:

    Prid-Speed I alread got through the Game But I looked at your Walkthrough great Job It’s not easy somtimes to make a Walkthrough I can see you took a lot of time and work into making this one. Again GREAT JOB. !!!!

    Prid-Speed just to let you know in Area 7 of your walkthrough there is 3 endings :)

    Thanks for the Great Walkthrough :)

  18. noë says:

    I love this game!

  19. miacat says:

    area 3 doesn’t work for me although I startred three times and did everything mentioned in the walkthrough. still can’t get the blue thing to the hole! what’s wrong?

  20. miacat says:

    I am sooo stupid….. got it!

  21. Miss D says:

    This one’s even better than the last! Love the different endings!

  22. Bishounen says:

    Ok, in area 3 I can’t get the blue funicule to go into the hole. All I can do is get Liam to pick it up. After that, no matter what I click on, all he does is blow through the darn thing.

  23. Bishounen says:

    Ok, I got it. I was clicking the wrong spot on the root. Click the TIP of the root, NOT the hole the yellow worm fell into.

  24. Apro says:

    reemus games *.* i love them,hope there will be more and more

  25. Bishounen says:

    Ok, completed the game, and have gotten all three endings. (Yes, there are three!)

    Here is how to get all three endings:






  26. tiffany says:

    i solved it but only got 2 out of 4 end

  27. Unowninator says:

    Prid-Speed; you skipped Area 4 (which I actually need; lol).

  28. Unowninator says:

    Never mind; I got it.

  29. Prid-Speed says:

    I dont know why. But the [ /spoiler ] code doesn’t work on Area 4. I am really sorry. Just click Area 3. Then you’ll see Area 4 walkthrough. REALLY, REALLY SORRY!

    Edit: spoiler tags fixed!

  30. goldie says:

    Out. Thnxxxx alllll.

  31. Kim says:

    Thank you Prid-Speed for your hard work on the walkthrough! : )

  32. pie dude says:

    I cant start whats wrong???
    It loads but wont start playing…….
    Pleeeez help.

  33. Prid-Speed says:

    I think you have to refresh the page And start the game again! IT happends to me sometimes!