Sento – Japanese Public Bathhouse

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Sento - Japanese Public BathhouseSento aka Japanese Public Bathhouse is the second Room Escape game released by the author of I Need Negi. No more welsh onions here, but a crapy house bath in which you find yourself trapped after an earthquake. I suggest you take a shower before doing anything! Have fun!

By Eric

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36 Comments to Sento – Japanese Public Bathhouse

  1. Crool says:

    Hi all

  2. Crool says:


    also codeShow

  3. Crool says:

    and Show

  4. Martin :D says:

    Hey Crool…let’s have a look at this one.

  5. Crool says:

    found the lockerShow

  6. Crool says:

    there is a Show

  7. Martin :D says:

    Heeey….I thought Eric said there wasn’t any welsh onions in this game

  8. Crool says:

    hi Marin!

  9. Crool says:

    and a japanese note I can’t pick up or read and lot of windowd who are to high

  10. Nerenia says:

    I found a key and a wooden board

  11. Crool says:

    there is something writenShow

  12. Crool says:

    ahhh found Show

    still can’t open the locker with code, need a key, maybe shining thing? But can’t pick it up

  13. Crool says:

    yeah have a wooden key Show

  14. Martin :D says:

    Damn…gotta go. Servers getting shut down. Bye, have fun.

  15. Crool says:

    have to start over, dropped wooden key Show

    but there is another key

  16. Crool says:

    in locker Show

  17. Crool says:

    but I still did and have Show

  18. Crool says:

    ah if you putShow

  19. Crool says:

    out, very easy and nice game

  20. Crool says:

    @ Martin, maybe because it isn’t a real union ;), sorry that you have to go

  21. Nerenia says:

    @Crool you have to click Show

  22. Crool says:

    @Nerenia I just Show

  23. Crool says:

    for the escapeShow

  24. Crool says:

    sorry, used the wrong [ ({) for spoiler, please can somebody fix it?

  25. Mila says:

    did you open the locker with the code Show

  26. Crool says:

    @mila, yes and Show

  27. Mila says:

    it doesnt work for me

  28. Mila says:

    aha finally, I couldnt do it with the code, but I had to Show

  29. brin3m says:

    what locker?

  30. mee says:

    How to Show

  31. Crool says:

    @brin3m see #5 [spoiler] it’s on the floor right of the tubes in where the stacked tubes are[/spoiler\

  32. Crool says:


    see also #6 and #13
    than Show

    for code see #2
    Use knobShow

    than see #18
    than see #23 and your out ;)

  33. susana says:

    I can´t have Show

    help !

  34. kat398 says:


  35. dizzle says:

    Can’t get the water to be hot

  36. dizzle says:

    OK, got water boiling, put onion thing in, and now it’s gone, says Used. WTF???