Turkey Escape

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Turkey EscapeTurkey EscapeTurkey Escape, the 24th Room Escape game from 123Bee is live!

“This game was specially developed for thanksgiving celebration. For Thanksgiving Day celebration, Turkey dishes are the desired food. One person made an arrangement, and locked the turkey in his farm house.”

Help the turkey escape from this place…

Too bad, Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, and the turkey was juicy and very tasty!

Have fun!

Update: Turkey Escape walkthrough in comment #21 (thanks ChristinaW!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Turkey Escape

  1. Crool says:

    found Show

    used Show

    can’t pick up duster

  2. Em says:

    Crool- you dont need dust pan..

  3. Em says:

    I´m out!

  4. monte says:

    help us out. em after log is moved on floor, then waht?

  5. bound2bway says:

    ok I have Show

    now what? (after you move the log)

  6. cindy says:


  7. cindy says:


    now stuck

  8. cindy says:


  9. cindy says:


  10. Crool says:


  11. cindy says:

    to get out…Show

  12. Crool says:

    o forgot, Show

  13. bound2bway says:

    Thanks Cindy! That one was kinda weird. Oh, well, still got out.

  14. Jules says:

    Only thing that wasn’t clear to me was where to put the wooden logShow

    . Besides that, a good game for a 5 min break.

  15. Mila says:

    easy and nice little game. Good job

  16. Fanny says:

    wheres the hook?

  17. Fanny says:

    oooh, nvm ^-^

  18. wendydarling says:

    how do you get the Show

  19. laughingpoodle says:


    To get the shelf…Show

    Cute game!

  20. ChristinaW says:


  21. Sophia_wang says:

    good game

  22. Emilio says:

    Game was very buggy for me though.

  23. susana says:

    funny and easy !

  24. I haven’t been on a teeter-tot since I was 10. Man, this brings me back! I love this Thanksgiving Escape-The-Room game(though the sound affects are a bit Halloweenish). They are quite relevant(Mr. turkey here is goin’ through a dark night).