Onamis 1 to 4

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Onamis is a series of nice-looking Room Escape games from France.

The first three installments in the series take place in a single black and white room and feature interesting puzzle elements.

Onamis 4
was just released, and if it is still in black and white, this one features different rooms to walk through!

Have fun!

Onamis 1 Onamis 1 Onamis 2 Onamis 2
Onamis 3 Onamis 3 Onamis 4 Onamis 4

By Eric

current rating 3.80


30 Comments to Onamis 1 to 4

  1. Nerenia says:

    ΟΗΗΗΗΗΗΗΗ!!! First!! Let’s go

  2. Jane says:

    Ok starting now

  3. Jane says:

    What am I suppose to do?

  4. Nerenia says:

    I just escaped ONAMIS 1 and now going for 2

  5. Jane says:

    How did you escape? I really don´t get what Im suppose to do????

  6. Ralf says:

    can anyone find a place to at least ENTER the code???

  7. Crool says:

    Onamis1 first room
    code locker on the right: Show


  8. Crool says:

    found also:

  9. Ralf says:

    Crool, Show

  10. Crool says:

    5th letter Show

  11. Crool says:

    hahaha, thx Ralf, that’s a french word I even know ;)

  12. izzy says:

    locker code 1450 doesn’t work

  13. Lorena says:

    the second one sucks…you have to wait for it to load every time you click somewhere

  14. Andy says:

    Where did you find the A?

  15. Andy says:

    Doh! Nevermind…

  16. miacat says:

    No. 2 – found/ seen several things (f.e. numbers and letters) but don’t have any ideas how or where to use them. I guess I need a screwdriver….
    Anyone out there?

    • clark queen says:

      did you get the binary code yet im stuck on that please help if u can on onamis 2

  17. perito333 says:

    No.2, same problems, any help?

  18. miacat says:

    I’ll give up for now. Maybe there will be any impulses within the next days?!

  19. croc says:

    No.2 – hi, each time you click you have to wait for the next image to load… which is quite boring… this said

    for the panel on the right of the airlock :

  20. SuzieGirl64 says:

    I’ve rarely been so bored in all my life than when playing Onamis 02!! I did finish it and it’s good in every way except that awful loading time everytime you move anywhere! I can’t be bothered with the other 2 yet as that one frustrated me so much! Night night all

  21. lyrl says:

    Walkthrough for No. 1


    Top cabinet




    Bottom cabinet

    Alarm panel

  22. perito333 says:

    Any hel with chapter 2

  23. cryptic says:

    a word of warning if you don’t get completely fed up on 2 with the slow loading of each screen, then don’t press the I button on the grey frame or you will get chucked out of the game and onto the onamis site!! That was final straw for me, giving up.

  24. cryptic says:

    number 3 won’t load, but 4 looks better. Got into second room but stuck now.

  25. Andy says:

    Yeah, I got tired of #2 after about the fifth click that took 10 seconds to load.

  26. San says:

    Anyone finished #2? I need some help with the wirebox at the top of the ladder. I opened it, but then I don’t know were to put which wire anymore.

    #3 didn’t load.

    Also tried #4, but don’t know what to do there at all, so also need some help there.

  27. San says:

    #3 is loading now and I am out.

    Somebody else still playing? I still don’t know what to do with the wires in #2 and in #4 I only found codes and letters and a drawing, but nothing else. Don’t now what to do there.

  28. Gee1984 says:

    Onamis 2 : Show

    You HAVE to be patient. But once everything downloaded, its quite fast. Have fun!

  29. Kmc777 says:

    In Onamis #3 might be an Show