99 Bricks

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99 BricksIn 99 Bricks, your goal is to stack 99 tetrominoes to build the highest possible tower, taking into account the physics of building such a structure from Tetris blocks. Fortunately for your quest for height, a completed line does not delete it, as it would in A. Pajitnov’s game. How high will your tower be? Have fun!

Via Kotaku.

By Eric

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6 Comments to 99 Bricks

  1. Snowman says:

    first- and HARD GAME

  2. Kelly says:

    i got to 240, then it collapsed…lol nice game

  3. Ekoms says:

    sweet game got to 350 but then it started swaying too much

  4. lyrl says:

    I got to 403 but it really sways when it is tall… collapsed down to under 200 even though everything was stacked evenly across the entire width of the board

  5. Ekoms says:

    w00t 477 and it didn’t collapse this game is freakin’ spectacular