The Cliff Escape

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The Cliff EscapeThe Cliff Escape is the latest Room Escape game from Gamershood. You find yourself trapped in a cave in a cliff, and you have no idea why you are here and how to get out of here! It’s amazing how life can be tough sometimes… This one required a lot of pixel hunting… Have fun!

Update: The Cliff Escape walkthrough in comment #7 (thanks molly!)

By Eric

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20 Comments to The Cliff Escape

  1. molly says:


  2. molly says:

    got big stone(used) small one,bullet,pipe,knife,flint stone and emerald then what could i do?!!

  3. molly says:

    yes um out:D:D

  4. MommyBerrios says:


  5. molly says:

    ill make the walkthrought b4 any one playing:D

  6. MommyBerrios says:

    already? quick game :-(

  7. molly says:


  8. molly says:

    nice game:D

  9. MommyBerrios says:

    remember spoilers!

  10. MommyBerrios says:


  11. gandalf says:


  12. Anne says:

    Where is Show


  13. victoria says:

    The Pipe


  14. goldie says:

    Nice game. Thnxx All.

  15. brin3m says:

    where is the bullet?

  16. Lesterly says:

    bah! I can’t find the knife!

  17. Alucard says:

    Please someone help me…


  18. iddyboo says:

    good fun thanks for walkthrough

  19. iddyboo says:

    when looking out of the cave it is on the left half way up the wall its brown

  20. john says:

    easy game