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TicketTicketTicket is the latest game from IDAC, the team behind Free Falling, JOBpico, Bon Voyage, The Daydream, Strawberry Tomato and so many other popular Room Escape games!

You enter an unknown room, and the door closes behind you. You start looking for items to use and then you realize that Ticket is only available in Japanese!

I have no idea why IDAC doesn’t release their games in English anymore, but I have no doubt all their fans will enjoy this new one!

Have fun!

Note: Please be patient while the game is loading…

Update: Ticket walkthrough in comment #52 (thanks bmic!)

By Eric

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57 Comments to Ticket

  1. jackivee says:


    Wow! Angry much? It’s a game…

  2. bmic says:

    FULL walkthrough and perfect end:

  3. BBOtR says:

    Hey, does anyone know exactly how many stars i have to collect? I’m getting a little frustrated trying to guess what the Japanese is telling me, and my cell phone won’t work to open the case

  4. Kim says:

    IDAC games are my favorite! I’m so glad they finally came out with a new one!
    Just about to start…..yay!

  5. Kim says:

    I was going to email you soon Eric to see if you knew if IDAC was ever going to make more games. The graphics alone are worth the wait as far as loading time. Thanks for putting this on your site!

  6. Dig says:

    I cannot find stars behind the red and green books. I have 10 stars. 3 in each picture and 4 in books. Cannot move to next step.

  7. Kim says:

    Dig…you need Show

    Hope that helps you :)