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Z-RoxZ-RoxZ-Rox is a nice 1-Dimension puzzle game developed by Marco Arsenault from Canada.

Z-Rox “test your visualization skills over the course of 100 devilishly simple levels. Each one will show you something 2-dimensional—a letter, a number, a shape, a symbol—and your job is simply to name it. But you only get to see a 1-dimensional slice of the picture at a time, as though it were being scanned from top to bottom by a horizontal laser. You must form a complete mental image, based on your view through that 2-pixel-tall moving window. Some answers are a single keyboard character, while others require you to type out a full word” wrote Psychotronic at JayisGames.

Z-Rox features 100 levels and is “extremely brain extensive and hard”!

French-speaking readers (as you all know, I’m a French guy!) – will be pleased to know that Z-Rox is also available in French here!

Can you beat Z-Rox without cheating?

Have fun!

Update: Z-Rox walkthrough in comment #32 (thanks D and all others!)

By Eric

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44 Comments to Z-Rox

  1. gandalf says:

    so far:

    and then i’m stuck…. :(
    I think i know the shape but nothing works for me

  2. Tanja says:

    gandalf a little hint

  3. przemoe says:

    Anyone knows what 35 is?

  4. gandalf says:

    thxstuck on 24 already, harder then i thought… :(

  5. mmr says:

    how do you see thev pictures???

  6. NetMonster says:

    Errrr… how do you start playing? :/

    All I can see is a blinking “tutorial” and the SKIP button doesn’t work. Then it starts again from the beginning, like a repeating video.

  7. lianski says:

    lvl 23-30:

    stuck on 31…

  8. lianski says:

    is anyone playing… any ideas on 31?

  9. przemoe says:


    still stuck at 35, seems to be some shape, but my math English is not that good

  10. Unowninator says:

    Here’s a tip for making this game easier:

  11. lianski says:

    @ przemoe
    if you solved 31, 35 shouldn’t be that difficult :)
    it’s another geometric shape, but with

  12. lianski says:


  13. Mariana says:

    i can’t tipe shapes, only letters, someone help me…

  14. przemoe says:

    indeed :)

    lvl 35-50

  15. lianski says:


    @ Mariana – just use a word to describe the shapes

  16. przemoe says:

    And stuck again at 52. All those -gons look all the same..
    And here is 51:

  17. lianski says:

    52 looked to me as ‘ellipse’ but it’s not… stuck too

  18. lianski says:

    Finally got 52 :)

  19. przemoe says:

    Oh now it got interesting :)

  20. lianski says:

    The hard ones :) indeed

  21. lianski says:

    59-61 above

  22. lianski says:

    62 Show

    63 ???

  23. przemoe says:

    No idea on 63 :(

  24. ben says:

    i have no clue on 63 eather!

  25. lianski says:

    U won’t believe it … :D
    63 turns out to be a ……….Show

  26. lianski says:

    and 64 : Show

  27. charlie says:

    65 : Show

  28. Burneyy says:

    i thought 56 Show

    ..dunno >.

  29. Jules says:

    66: Show

  30. D says:


    i might make a full list later

  31. Jules says:

    67: Show

  32. D says:



  33. Jules says:

    Good Job D! I was stuck on 68…

  34. mmr says:

    ying yang is not working for me…

  35. NetMonster says:

    It isn’t spelled like that… it’s [/spoiler]yin yang[/spoiler]

  36. ginin says:

    for 97 try Show

  37. bob says:

    can someone help me I am stuck on 16 i know its a backwards / but i dont now how to make it

  38. anonymous says:

    right above your enter key

  39. ninjaclone09 says:

    i beat game.


    too easy!

  40. Definately Me says:

    Sorry 61 is not HEAT it is Show