Loops of Zen

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Loops of ZenLoops of ZenIn Loops of Zen, a little puzzle game developed by Arend Hintze, your goal is to “restore harmony by clicking the tiles until no open end is left over”.

Click the game window to start, click a tile to rotate it 90 degrees and that’s it!

Loops of Zen features 30 levels of increasing difficulty and automatically saves your progress. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through the different levels already completed.

Simple, nice and addictive!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


16 Comments to Loops of Zen

  1. BenG says:

    woooooo first! omg i don’t believe it, i don’t believe it lieve it lieve it!

  2. jojo says:

    second, but don’t like it, it’s boring.

  3. Merlina says:

    i actually kind of like it but it would be nice if it would say what level you were on and if you could save it

  4. NetMonster says:

    Nice relaxing game (although it gets repetitive after a while)… but it needs a grid so you can see which tile you’re clicking.

  5. lilliphoenix says:

    I’m Level 31… No end?

  6. Bueller...Bueller says:

    fun for a short distraction, but once you play a few levels the challenge is gone.

  7. Almir Destanovic says:

    boring game , not worth to play

  8. Merlina says:

    Ok something is wrong. I am far in the game (have no way of knowing which level) but the pieces I click on won’t move ones near them move it’s like the hotspots are in the same place. If I reload it I would assume it will go back to the beginning of the game…

  9. NetMonster says:

    Merlina when you reload it it does go back to the beginning of the game, but you can press the right arrow on your keyboard repeatedly to go back to the level you were on.

    Notice, however, that the level will look different than the one you left.

  10. fuegomanchego says:

    i’m really enjoying it. good puzzle game – not too hard, but still challenging and addictive. i start hallucinating after a little while though, what with all the black and white patterns – a bit hard on the eyes.

    as you play on the difficulty does ramp up slowly, and you find yourself with a couple of loose ends that you have to move around the board to get the right pattern. 2nd sitting, up to lv25. hopefully finish it tomorrow, if my retinas don’t burn out first.

  11. NetMonster says:

    Over at Kongregate he says he added 20 new levels.

  12. Merlina says:

    I finally realized that the “best level” is your score lol. I kept wondering when I would get to level thirty which it said before and I assumed was the end. Can’t beat your own score lol. How far are you I’m at 64. Anyone know how many there are?

  13. wret says:

    theres 50 lvls :P im o lvl 4 stuck

  14. Reka says:

    Two things would improve this game immensely:

    1. Allow me to admire my handiwork after finishing a level. Don’t just go on to the next level without my say-so.

    2. Give me some sort of mechanism for “locking” pieces in place when there’s only one position they could be in.

  15. zeno815 says:

    if you need to see where the levels are. look in the top most right.

  16. dgsgsdfg says:

    level 37 a friend is on 55
    i want to know the real end <.<