Escape from Camp Crystal Lake

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Escape from Camp Crystal LakeShawn Tanner, the author of the Escape Series has just released a new Room Escape game, Escape from Camp Crystal Lake, that includes over 50 unique areas to explore, puzzles to solve, boss battles, secret areas and items, and more. Warning: you can die in this game. Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Escape from Camp Crystal Lake walkthrough in comment #25 (thanks SuzieGirl64!)

By Eric

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119 Comments to Escape from Camp Crystal Lake

  1. stupefyin says:

    Hmm….It’s 3:30 AM, it’s raining, I work all by myself in a huge building in the middle of 4000+ acres of woods and I’m going to play this game…..yep, that’s smart!

  2. stupefyin says:

    Well, that wasn’t so bad!

  3. timmy says:

    how do you open the door in the restroom ?

  4. gamergirl402 says:

    I have found 22 of the 23 files and the only file or note I am missing is hidden note 4. Where is that located and also where do I find cabin key three? I am tired from wandering around looking for it.

  5. Inari says:

    I’m alone in a house with two very young kids babysitting late at night playing this game. (The kids are asleep) oh yeah and a huricane’s coming through. Smart, girlie, real smart.

  6. Inari says:

    Oh and help I need the fanatic note and poster part one. I don’t know where they are.

  7. David says:

    Can anyone tell me where secret note 4 is? I know it’s in the bathroom somewhere, I’ve clicked everywhere in every stall and outside the stalls.

  8. MommyBerrios says:

    For anybody still playing, the secret note 4 is in Show

    Hope that helps!

  9. Boy says:

    i cant find poster piece #g

  10. Boy says:

    oops i meant #6

  11. me says:

    how do get the furth hidden note if batromm stalldoor is jammed???

  12. emm says:

    Gah i only have 17 files and cant find anymore. How do i open the stuck stall in the bathroom

  13. emm says:

    ummm…im stuck


  14. emm says:

    Oh and here’s a little help for those who are stuck with the stall

    Hope i helped!

  15. emm says:

    can someone help me with the spoiler thing? lol

  16. Mike says:

    i got no guts for this game

  17. Terri says:

    i try clicking the bump but nothing happens, what wrong? (for scavenger hunt)

  18. Saibot says:

    wow only 90% because

  19. Afro Ninja Killa says:

    ya i completed the game even if u dont get the machete from cabin 3,u can still hit jason w/ the bat and shoot him

    hope this helped some one! :3

  20. From help needed says:

    How do u get key for cabin3? also i couldn’t find the Show

  21. not completly clueless (yet) says:

    how do u use the Show

  22. Shea says:

    This is ridiculous!
    I know secret note 4 is Show

    but the game won’t let me have it.

  23. dana says:

    o.k how do you get the note in the fireplace?

  24. Jarod says:

    I have 22/23 files. Why didn’t I get my Fanatic note?

  25. peacetotheeast says:

    i beat the game !!.. well almost i just cant find the stupid 5th file

  26. jek says:

    is so gud i like this game but i was excirde and i has a lot of afraide uf a was alone in my house uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff but i could`t slepp

  27. Vincent says:

    Just beat the game with a 95%. I think I got points off for not opening the little locked door in the generator room and not getting that one bathroom stall open. Can anyone help?

  28. Lexie says:

    where is hidden note 4?
    in a stall, which one?
    what do you click :|

  29. jimmy says:

    how do u do it !!!

  30. DUDESNAKE says:

    I cant find the last 2 notes some one please help!

  31. DUDESNAKE says:

    number 4 is in the toilet farthest to the right, it might be hard cause its open, and click the toilet.

  32. enrique says:

    i dont faind the key of the cabin 3
    You can tel,me were is it

  33. john says:

    where is the message outside cabin 3?

  34. nick says:

    SEKRETNOTETHREE isnt right cause its not working

  35. tdifreak says:

    Where the freakin’ crap is the “nearest terminal”??????

  36. tdifreak says:

    nick it is right cause i did it and its really secret NOT secret but type sekret.

  37. Nnicholas says:

    I got 5 pieces and i keep going in circles were do i go ?

  38. GAME ACE says:

    hi i will help with the secret notes

    you better not say its wrong cause i finished it 5 times with the lights out and sounds up unlike some of you sissies thats why they call me game ace

  39. GAME ACE says:

    oh here’s a tip for people with a lack of common sense

  40. game ace says:

    oh yeah and you dont need files to finnish the game

  41. Brock~ says:

    cant get poster note 5 (bottem box for toolshed) and can’t get in it HELP!!!!

  42. ben says:


    jason is real

  43. CrazyGamer95 says:

    i cant find HIDDEN NOTE 4

  44. CrazyGamer95 says:

    HIDDEN NOTE 4 is in between the stall wit the girl in it and the mirror

  45. doug says:

    oh no, i got everything but cabin 1 diary and i cant get it now its not there maybe i needed to giet it in the beginning! darn

  46. jojo says:

    how do i get into the woods?? help me im soo stuck!!!!!

  47. jojo says:

    how do I get in the woods??? help im really stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. denise says:

    how do u get secret note 2??? or what everone is by the car????? please help.. i cant get it!

  49. HAHAHAME says:

    Here is where you can find each file in the game.


  50. HAHAHAME says:

    oh and by the way