TG Motocross 2 : better than the original!

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TG Motocross 2TG Motocross 2TG Motocross 2 is out! “The popular dirt bike time trial series continues with fresh new challenges”. Here is what David Thorburn wrote about his first famous TG Motocross sequel released today on his website

Thorburn didn’t only design new levels: he revamped the graphics, and more important, make the game much easier to play than the original episode. The result is a motorbike that is much more fun and less tricky to ride, and I would definitely recommend this one to occasional gamers.

You still control your trial rider with the arrow keys: up to accelerate and down to brake; right and left arrows to lean forward and backward respectively. Use down and right keys at the same time to lean forward while riding to climb steep; lean backward while riding for extra speed by using up and left keys at the same time.

With 7 levels available and 4 more coming soon, TG Motocross 2 is better than the original in every way, and really deserves a try!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


3 Comments to TG Motocross 2 : better than the original!

  1. Man I enjoyed this game’s first version – and now you can play it online! Really, really nice. Thanks for the tip.

  2. John Smith says:


    Thanks, David! i like that one!

  3. Ale says:

    i want download this version of the game!!