Enter the Safe Room

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Enter the SafeIn Enter the Safe Room, you don’t find yourself trapped in an unknown room and you don’t want to escape. No, you are here for one reason, and one reason only: break into the bank’s safe and steal as much cash as you can carry. You wouldn’t do that in real life, would you? Have fun!

Update: Enter the Safe Room walkthrough in comment #17 (thanks DNOMN8R!)

By Eric

current rating 2.50


24 Comments to Enter the Safe Room

  1. Martin :D says:

    Must be game day! :-)

  2. Martin :D says:

    Don’t use the tab.

  3. Denny says:

    Out! That was pretty easy.

  4. Cerenthius says:

    buggy game. how do you get rid of an item to use another?

  5. Gena says:

    Cerenthius – click the black X on the lower right end of the item bar.

  6. txgirl says:

    Have Show

    Need Show

  7. txgirl says:

    Out. That was easy!

  8. Judy says:

    code for computer Show

    code for safe Show

  9. mona says:

    where did you get wire?

  10. alena says:


  11. mona says:

    I can’t get computer on

  12. mona says:

    got one piece of cable and it is too short

  13. mona says:

    O.K OUT
    don’t help!

  14. kendall says:


  15. victoria says:

    hello all :) the game was ok. I like games that keep you on our toes but not to hard that makes you want to hang your self lol

  16. DNOMN8R says:

    The keypad code is correct but the safe is still locked!

  17. DNOMN8R says:

    Ah-got it. Walkthrough, but you really shouldn’t need it.

  18. Nikki says:

    Nice quick game!

  19. Vanni_Ogg says:

    endlich mal ein spiel auf deutsch!!!

  20. shaz says:

    just one question how u get screw driver from mouse hole,ive clicked the hole,the mouse and nothing

  21. shaz says:

    its ok i didnt realise i got it,it dark and doesnt show up clearly in inventory

  22. shaz says:

    out not a bad game

  23. Linda says:

    OMG – if you don’t want ppl to use tab key, show a message or something funny don’t just end the game!! If I alt-tab or ctrl-tab I have to restart!! :@

    I already restarted once, not gonna restart again.. it looks ugly anyway and WHY am I braking into the safe?

  24. Reka says:

    Linda, I agree. Besides which, Tab isn’t cheating if the game is well-designed, i.e. not just a glorified pixel-hunt. (In other words, if the designer thinks that revealing the clickable spots makes the game pointless, then chances are, the game is pointless anyway.)