Watermelon Room Escape

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Watermelon Room EscapeWatermelon Room EscapeWatermelon Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Moon Jelly Room Escape, Cow Room Escape, Beatle Room Escape, Glowfly Room Escape, Pegasus Room Escape, Dinosaur Room Escape, Panda Room Escape, Monkey Room Escape, Rabbit Room Escape and many more.

You are trapped in a room, and the question is, where is the watermelon?

Have fun!

Update: Watermelon Room Escape walkthrough in comments  #14 and #17 (thanks Sol and Raika!)

By Eric

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20 Comments to Watermelon Room Escape

  1. Martin :D says:

    Lets see about this one :-)

  2. Jeff says:

    Looks interesting so far. Got a few items.

  3. Jeff says:

    How far are you getting Martin?

  4. Martin :D says:

    Sorry Jeff, I had to go and do some actual work (oh no) grin…Code for the box is Show

  5. Cerenthius says:

    I’m out with a perfect end.
    Looks like they will be using fruit for their escape games now.

  6. shaz says:

    wow makes a nice change game loaded on ist attempt and out, not a bad game

  7. shaira says:

    I have a green square, a red star, tongs and a flyswatter. What now?

  8. mona says:

    can’t get the yellow star help

  9. mona says:

    o.k got it but what is the order?

  10. mona says:

    feel stupid – out was easy

  11. pruvai says:

    i finished

  12. miacat says:

    why are these games by Parallellove constantly out of order?

  13. Sol says:

    Because a lot of people want to play them. When a new game is out, their server seems to be overwhelmed by all the people who want to play it. :-(

  14. Sol says:

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show


  15. Reka says:

    Martin :D, how did you arrive at multiplying the numbers together to get the box code? Did you just randomly try combinations of the numbers, or is there a clue in the game that I’m missing?

  16. Linda says:

    What about the rectangle near the bottom of the door where you can zoom in on?

  17. Raika says:








    Thus you get the code by



    Make sense now?

  18. Raika says:

    My bad


  19. Reka says:

    Thanks, Raika! I missed the Show

  20. rosie says:

    the wire cutters dont dissapere when you use them, but i got perfect end still holdint them. could there be antoher use for them??