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KatadzukemashouKatadzukemashou is another Room Escape game from Mugichanomoto. As usual, for an unknow reason, you find yourself in an unknown room, and the door is locked. Search for items, use and combine them and eventually, escape from Katadzukemashou room! Have fun!

Katadzukemashou walkthrough (thanks Suziegirl64!)

By Eric

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50 Comments to Katadzukemashou

  1. bjorny says:

    haha first

  2. jong says:


  3. neko_diego says:

    Easy! Basically, clean up your room first… then you can go out and play :-)

  4. jong says:

    have to put all the things youve collected into there proper places

  5. BoomBoxer says:

    i cant

    i dunno

    Btw, wad does the note says?

  6. Alex says:

    Try to hit the window with the hammer……………=)

  7. frost says:

    I’ve managed to do everything but put the picture on the nail above the bed. Its still a blank picture frame, anyone found a picture?

  8. alena says:

    the picture

  9. mammy says:

    I am out

  10. mammy says:

    use tha hammer on the arrow at the wall..
    about the hole

  11. Nikki says:

    anyone still playing? cld use a little help w/Show

  12. Leianne says:

    anybody know where the 14 goes?

  13. Nikki says:

    ok. got Show

    not sure about the 14 yet!

  14. Leianne says:

    now I have a blue and white thing. Where does it go?

  15. Nikki says:

    Woo Hoo! Did the laundry!

  16. Leianne says:

    you need to click on the little balls of laundry to unfold them and then put them in.

  17. Nikki says:

    And I’m out!

  18. Nikki says:

    Yep. didn’t have all of the laundry so it wouldn’t go. what blue and white thing? a ball like the laundry?

  19. SuzieGirl64 says:

    Stuck at last hurdle!


  20. SuzieGirl64 says:

    As soon as I posted for help – I’ve done it! Yum yum – I’m out!!

  21. Nikki says:

    Check out the Show

  22. SuzieGirl64 says:

    Ha ha!! Thanks Nikki x

  23. SuzieGirl64 says:

    What a cute game!

  24. Leianne says:

    no, it looks more like a lighter. can’t seem to put it anywhere. still have the 14 I can’t put anywhere either. Did the laundry and put it all away. Just have the blue and white thing and the 14.

  25. SuzieGirl64 says:


  26. SuzieGirl64 says:


    Look at Nikkis earlier reply to me for number 14

  27. Fanny says:

    how do you do the laundry? put socks, jacket and white stuff in there. now what?

  28. Leianne says:

    checking on table, but no treat. what do I need to do with the 14?

  29. Leianne says:

    never mind, I found it. didn’t see the trash before

  30. Fanny says:

    you dont actually need the 14, do you?

  31. Nikki says:

    make sure you have ALL the laundry! that was my problem earlier!

  32. wendydarling says:

    I still can’t get the picture frame hung. Show

  33. wendydarling says:


  34. Sam says:

    I think the No 14 is a clue to let you know how many items you need to put away

  35. kendall says:

    just started. might need help.

  36. eeva_marie says:

    where do i put the globe lookin thing

  37. kendall says:

    need help!!!! what do i do with all of the stuff?

  38. kendall says:

    i think its a drum.

  39. eeva_marie says:


  40. kendall says:

    u put it away? where?

  41. Reka says:

    Gah. The worst kind of pixel hunting – it’s not enough to figure out that you need to put something in the drawer, you have to find the right *pixel* in the drawer before it’ll let you put it there.

  42. kendall says:

    so can u post a walkthrough???????????? Show

  43. Alice says:

    My first walkthrough:


    Sorry for my poor english!

  44. Lyxmorsan says:

    About the 14 Show

    If u should try this hammer-on-window-thing (really cruel with the blood though, however you will continue game, you dont have to start all over.

  45. SuzieGirl64 says:

    OK Kendall!
    Walkthrough Here!

  46. Lyxmorsan says:














    Excuse my poor english. I hope I didn´t miss any details.

  47. laughingpoodle says:

    Cute game.

  48. Fayyth says:

    It won’t load for me

  49. Anne says:

    I get FC2.com – 404 Error and then loads a page in Japanese

  50. Linda says:

    Cute game – different from the usual escape games. Oh, and you don’t really have to hunt for pixels, the cursor will change into a hand if you can click somewhere (sometimes only if you have an object selected tho)