Pool Bar Escape

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Pool Bar EscapePool Bar Escape is a Japanese Room Escape game designed by the author of the Nezumi series. You find yourself trapped in a Pool bar, and for an unknown reason, the door is locked via a keypad. The keypad requires a 4 digit code to unlock, but you don’t know the code! Have fun!

By Eric

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31 Comments to Pool Bar Escape

  1. jong says:

    oh first :-)

  2. meg says:

    can get to key behind sofa any ideas?

  3. meg says:

    can’t get it and cannot find the hot spot again…always my luck

  4. shaz says:

    found 4 items so far

  5. bosco says:

    you can get a drink from the list of drinks..click each one and it pops on your item list

  6. meg says:

    can play pool in order of the books on shelf

  7. bosco says:

    to win the pool game

  8. meg says:

    here’s clue … get the bartender drunk…and he will…

  9. meg says:

    still can’t find the hot spot for the key…I found it once this game does not like me

  10. Victoria says:

    I try to wake the bartender with the bell lol can’t find anything to get the key I see this is going to be one of those games that are going to drive me crazy

  11. shaz says:

    i didnt even play pool gave the barman 2 drinks he falls asllep it gives u code … im out…. and i didnt even see or have a key for door,just use the code

  12. bosco says:

    hot spot for the key is anywhere along the left side of the couch after you get the diary.

  13. Victoria says:

    there has to be somthing more to this game

  14. bosco says:

    it would be better if they gave english versions for these games too

  15. meg says:

    I wish I could read japanese, because I do not think that is the good ending, but I could be wrong…Bosco, I have clicked on that till my fingers are sore..I told you all this game does not like me

  16. bosco says:

    lol…maybe start over

  17. meg says:

    You wouldn’t believe how many times I restarted…I was even able to finish the pool game and save a cue stick to reach the key. While I was commenting that cue dissappeared! I’m going to bed..someone write a walkthrough and I will try again later

  18. Martin :D says:

    Easy out.

  19. meg says:

    Too easy….did that but really that can not be the correct way

  20. bosco says:

    after winning like that the closing scene also says retry, must not be the correct way to leave… somewhere there is a 4 digit code for the door

  21. bosco says:

    well, kinda stupid when you lose the only things long enough to get the key before you can even try to get it and there is nothing else … i’m done.

  22. MiMi says:

    Okay, completely stuck. I have: Show

    I tried Show

    That’s it, I know nothing else. Walkthrough?

  23. gamer1ab says:

    i cant break:(

  24. Gina says:

    I have it… cute…easy but cute! Give the drink to the bear. Wait a second…he will fall asleep. You will see some Japanese writing with a 4 digit number. This four digit number will be used for the code. Put the code in at box at door then hit “input”. Your out.

  25. Reka says:

    I think the language barrier here is pretty much insurmountable.


  26. Martin :D says:

    To get the key

    You can then

    If you manage to figure that out

  27. Martin :D says:


  28. Martin :D says:

    Walkthrough (but not complete)


  29. meg says:

    There is some more japanese symbols under the straw in the wine box. Don’t know what they mean…could be the code…can someone figure it out for me

  30. Martin :D says:

    Walkthough (to wrap it up)


  31. Martin :D says:

    Edits to ‘Walkthough (to wrap it up)’
    Umm, coulombs? Should be colomns. Too long with electronics…
    And it’s KE not KA.
    Sorry about that…but it is colours not colors