Pegasus Room Escape

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Pegasus Room EscapePegasus Room EscapePegasus Room Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by Parallellove, the author of Dinosaur Room Escape, Panda Room Escape, Monkey Room Escape, Rabbit Room Escape, Fish Room Escape, Gorilla Room Escape, Wildboar Room Escape, Rhino Room Escape, Kangaroo Room Escape and many more.

You are trapped in a room, and the question is, where is the pegasus?

Have fun!

Update: Pegasus Room Escape walkthrough in comment #16 (thanks J!)

By Eric

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30 Comments to Pegasus Room Escape

  1. Em says:

    A game from parallellove..the site dosn´t work, as usuall…

  2. Em says:

    Finally, after 10 minutes waiting the site work…

  3. uhu says:

    I want to make light – how?

  4. uhu says:

    I habe a spoon – from tehe table with the computer
    with the spoon you can take a coin from the plant

    I have a ledder and a shovel – but I dont know, what to do wit this

  5. uhu says:

    I habe a spoon – from tehe table with the computer
    with the spoon you can take a coin from the plant

    I have a ledder and a shovel – but I dont know, what to do wit this

  6. AZ Gal says:

    Have Show

    Now stuck.

  7. Em says:

    Uhu- See that the ladder misses a step…

    I´m out with help of some hints from another forum.

  8. Perito33 says:

    Need light, I’m in the dark!!

  9. Rock says:

    site is not working again :(

  10. Em says:

    Light? light was on when i played..bur it was pretty dark in the room.

  11. jeep says:

    What is up with all these room escape games. There is like a new one every single day. :)

  12. uhu says:

    I have a paper with numbers – and New York

    I don’t know what to do with it?

  13. Alexa Karuda says:

    That isn’t a shovel, it’s a Japanese wood saw. I’m guessing we have to use it to cut an extra rung for the ladder.

  14. Em says:

    Uhu- Show

  15. isabel says:

    Too dark, and that makes things difficult. So far I fixed the ladder and used it to get a book.-

  16. J says:

    Quickie walkthrough, with much help from escapegames24, ’cause this one just wasn’t clicking for me. (Or rather, I was clicking a lot without success.)






    Now it’s time to start using stuff.






    Normal end: Show

    Perfect end: Show

  17. zoomzoom says:

    So far I have the following items:

    Now I’m stuck.

  18. isabel says:

    Found a key, lipstick (used it) and now I’m stuck

  19. Totenkopf says:

    Thanks for the help, this one for me was pretty hard!

  20. shaz says:

    wish maker of this game make the game lighter geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

  21. kendall says:

    HI PEOPLE!!!! anyone still on? Show

  22. shaz says:

    im here but cant do much can just about see things

  23. aa60 says:

    Thanks for all the help everyone……..It was so dark!!

  24. danocabana says:

    wheres the ladder?

  25. danocabana says:

    i cant find the missing rung ladder, can someone tell me wheres the ladder?

  26. London says:

    The ladder…Show

  27. shaz says:

    well tried game even thou it was dark in certain areas and got out,funny just as u put key in door room goes lighter lmao

  28. shaz says:

    ok tried perfect end got joy on coin but i dont understand wat u mean,with comp i tried putting the word joy in box click open nothing happened even tried the coin so how exactly u get unicorn to appear

  29. shaz says:

    ok sussed it zoomed out f comp then clicked on it put joy in then click ok saw pegasus out on perfect ending

  30. Angel says:

    how to get the plank??????????????????