Escape 02 – Who am I?

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Escape 02 - Who am I?Escape 02 - Who am I?Escape 02 – Who am I? is the second very nice looking Japanese Room Escape game released by K-Style from Japan.

Escape 01 – Welcome to Esc Co. Ltd, his first game, is only available in Japanese. But the good news is that Escape 02 – Who am I? was also released in English.

Escape 02 is easier than its predecessor, even if the TAB key is not active anymore :-)

Have fun!

Thanks to Falaiseju for pointing this one out!

Update: Escape O2 – Who al I? walkthrough in comment #71 (thanks Fayyth!)

By Eric

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71 Comments to Escape 02 – Who am I?

  1. ada says:

    hello, need help

  2. ada says:

    what is the final code?

  3. Alexa Karuda says:

    The expression ‘goldfish poop/dung’ (or 金魚のフン) comes from the image of a goldfish who poops and his poop kind of gets stuck and trails along after his butt (for those of us who’ve seen something like that, I think the image is perfect and hilarious). So, it doesn’t only mean a ‘stalker,’ but also just someone who keeps hanging around but nobody wants him/her to, kinda like a third wheel. :)

  4. death13a says:

    Final Code???

  5. treeld says:

    yeahh i’m out..with “successful escape”….i didn’t even use any walkthroughs..first time ever !

  6. txgirl says:

    Final passcode Show

    If that doesn’t work Show

  7. miacat says:

    I’d really appreciate a LITTLE more logic in those kind of games…..;-)

  8. shaz says:

    ok wats going on i went to play game and u cant theres nothing there to say start game

  9. S. says:

    How can i play this game? I keep getting a page that says “403 Forbidden”..

  10. shaz says:

    im in same postion s i keep getting that….. this sucks when u cant even play it

  11. S. says:


  12. Capuccino says:

    Same for me… Can’t load game… 403 Forbidden.. Eric, would you happen to have another link that might work?? Thanks!

  13. Alice says:

    Here you are, guys!
    Edit:Alternate link

    via nordinho
    Hope it works :)

  14. Alice says:

    Roman numbers show you the order, so click the top left corner FIRST, the bottom SECOND. Get the idea?

    I’M OUT!

  15. shaz says:

    ok eric this new link for game i cant make head way with in,its in foreign lingo and wheres the actual game on it

  16. Reka says:

    I don’t see the game on that Russian alternate site, and I’m reluctant to go clicking random things to see where they lead – I might find more than I’m looking for. Is there an alternate alternate site? :)

  17. Mona says:

    all my items keep disapeare????????

  18. Capuccino says:

    Thanks for the alternative link! Was worth it, great game, with High quality graphics!

  19. eve says:

    hi, what’s the “bent wire”? Can’t seem to find it

  20. Fayyth says:

    eve~ Show

  21. Fayyth says:


    First: Show

    Now that you have Show

    Now Show

    Then Show

    Next Show

    Now Show

    Then Show


    Now Show

    Then Show

    Turn Show

    Now Show

    Then Show

    Apparently Show

    So Show

    Go Show

    Now Show

    Go Show

    final code (hint): Show

    which isShow