Escape 02 – Who am I?

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Escape 02 - Who am I?Escape 02 - Who am I?Escape 02 – Who am I? is the second very nice looking Japanese Room Escape game released by K-Style from Japan.

Escape 01 – Welcome to Esc Co. Ltd, his first game, is only available in Japanese. But the good news is that Escape 02 – Who am I? was also released in English.

Escape 02 is easier than its predecessor, even if the TAB key is not active anymore :-)

Have fun!

Thanks to Falaiseju for pointing this one out!

Update: Escape O2 – Who al I? walkthrough in comment #71 (thanks Fayyth!)

By Eric

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71 Comments to Escape 02 – Who am I?

  1. Vanni_Ogg says:

    hi there. have problems starting this

  2. vicky35 says:

    I dont know why you always post room escape games? I am a big fun of arcade and action games but you always post room escape games :-( I think you should use domain ;-) Otherwise, please stop posting room escape games and post some good arcade action games.

  3. Eric says:

    @ vicky35 – be patient ;-)

  4. vicky35 says:

    Hey Eric, what did you mean while you saying “be patient”? It means that you will post some good arcade and action games? :-)

  5. GamerJoe says:

    Wow I am stuck

  6. tusa says:

    any idea where to find the bag?
    I can’t get anything else until I find it.

  7. fuji says:

    well, maybe it means that you could accept that many like posting room escape games. Action games are welcomed too ¿what´s the problem?

  8. GamerJoe says:

    The Bag Show

  9. tusa says:

    Okay, found the bag. you have to Show

  10. fuji says:

    pliers, wire, card
    but can´t get them all

  11. tusa says:

    now that I got the bag and the stuff in the drawer, I can’t do anything with Show

  12. tusa says:

    fuji- you need the bag

  13. GamerJoe says:

    Pliers Show

    Don’t know where to use the wireq

  14. fuji says:

    used pliers on wire to make hook

  15. fuji says:

    sorry, my posts come late
    don´t mean to be a parrot

  16. GamerJoe says:

    Oh the little guy on the wire hanging over you head Show

  17. Jacqueline says:

    Used to have a mop, lost it!

  18. fuji says:

    yeah! found magnet and screwdriver

  19. tusa says:

    Same here fuji-
    use the screwdriver Show

  20. mawu says:

    where are the magnet and screwdriver?

  21. fuji says:

    card 6 on carpet
    4,5 and 7 missing

  22. Conor says:

    where’s the magnet and screwdriver?

  23. fuji says:

    lost plug

  24. fuji says:

    conor, it´s behind picture on the wall

  25. Conor says:

    do you have to do something special to the picture? I’ve clicked all round and over it but get nothing?????

  26. mawu says:

    I’m trying clicking the picture with the hook, but nothing happens

  27. wendy says:

    Does anybody know the last code? Can’t figure it out

  28. fuji says:

    lamp code works on drawer
    code Show

    any idea what to do with iron thing?

  29. wendy says:


  30. wendy says:


  31. tusa says:

    Okay, I found a walkthrough on Nordinho! posted by jamos. I tried to copy and paste it here with credit to jamos but for some reason, even after previewing it, it doesn’t show after hitting the Say it! button. Anyway, if anyone wants to view it, it is on I’ll try pasting the exact page here. otherwise your on your own to find it there.

  32. Cele says:

    have a close look at the picture and then

  33. Cele says:

    I’m stuck with

    No idea, what to do next :-(

  34. wendy says:


  35. fuji says:

    same situation Cele
    what about code on wall?

  36. Conor says:

    thanks Cele – there was no chance I’d work that out for myself

  37. Cele says:

    I also have the hook, don’t know where to use it, and cards 1, 2 3, and 6.

    By the way: what is a goldfish dung?

  38. wWw says:

    {I also have the hook, don’t know where to use it, and cards 1, 2 3, and 6.}

    Me too…

  39. fiddle and herman says:

    for the code on the wall (please click my first spoiler)



  40. Andy says:

    The lamp code changes every time. I’m stuck where you guys are.

  41. wWw says:

    >37. what is a goldfish dung?
    It means stalker.(It is written below the game at the correction part.)

  42. wWw says:

    fiddle and herman, Thx!!!!

  43. Andy says:

    I couldn’t find card 7.

  44. fuji says:

    i could have never got that

  45. jackivee says:

    Wow, pi…who would have thought? Nice going. = ) Thanks.

  46. fuji says:

    card 7 is on pink bars before stairs
    don´t know code

  47. jackivee says:

    Anyone else find that the sound button is backwards? On is off and vice versa??

  48. wWw says:

    card 7 is at the pink gate after you opened the door

  49. Cele says:

    Sorry, I’ve had a phone call. Thank you all very much for your help, I’ve had never done this on my own :-) That was cute.

    fiji, the code

  50. Leianne says:

    nothing happens when I click the picture on the wall using the roman numerals. am I suppose to click the bottom one one time, then the left top two times or once?