Shift 3

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Shift 3Shift 3Good news for all Shift series fans, Shift 3 is live!

“Shift 3 is here, and it’s unlike any Shifting experience you’ve had before. A massive Adventure mode takes you to the roots of the SHIFT experiment, tonnes of achievements to earn and even an unlockable Celebrity secret character!

And if that isn’t your cup of tea, theres a selection of 18 Classic style levels from Shift players around the globe to battle your way through, and highscore boards all around!”

Antony Lavelle, the author of Shift and Shift 2 has done a super job in this third installment, and the adventure mode is just awesome: Shift fans, you won’t be disappointed!

Have fun!

By Eric

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75 Comments to Shift 3

  1. Shmaylor says:

    Level 3 in Azurieq is currently defeating me at the very beginning of the level.

    I’m sure I’m doing something stupid and am suddenly going to say “oh. duh.”, but anyone want to help me out and speed the process along?

  2. Jonney the king of Mushrooms!! says:

    the secerate person is Show

    more secerate stuff Show

  3. Jonney the king of Mushrooms!! says:

    I’m sorry I lied the real secerate person is Mel gibson I wish it was me though sigh :'( I give up

  4. zrobot says:

    someone please please please please please PLEASE help me! I’ve got all of the achievements, got all the newspapers, been in every room, BUT!


  5. SHIFTMANIAC says:

    I Have the same problem someone pls help

  6. SHIFTMANIAC says:

    What is a code I can use?

  7. Zeus says:

    What kind of secret character is Show

  8. exo says:

    what are the plus and smiley face numbers

  9. mrjt97 says:

    How do you do level 5 in azurieq levels? its hard

  10. sylime says:

    how do you do level 6 on azurieq pack???????
    someone please help

  11. sylime says:

    nvm got it

  12. mrjt97 says:

    i meant level 6

  13. mrjt97 says:

    nvm beat it lol

  14. ILDF says:


    OOPS ITS Show


  15. Miniqueen says:

    How do you pass lvl 6 azurieq player pack HEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  16. daretothink says:

    The secret character isn’t Mel gibson, it’s Show

  17. rubetz says:

    don`t dare to think it`s FPM, it`s VVPutin

  18. guitarhero01234 says:

    Sweet! I got every achievment except for the player packs and speed run. With the secret character, the beginning and ending are different.

  19. JKing says:

    I dont get it with the spikes at the end of the game. . . the number iz 33, 71, 24, 18

  20. Jackie says:

    Does anyone know how to get the ‘roast hog’ achievement?

  21. Jackie says:

    omg i beat the game and all the medals. if u escape u get fancy pants as ur character but if u get them all u dnt get another character, or anything people have been tellin u. they say u get a pic of a cat, but they’re lyin.

  22. Sim says:


    :D thankx

  23. bob says:

    on the thing where there is 3 doors u have to go throung to find the keys, how do u get past the 3rd door??? HELP!!!!

  24. dill says:

    i cant belive it was mel gibson as the char


  25. Jimmy says:

    the secret character is fancy pants man. Show