Escape of Gray Door

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Escape of Gray DoorEscape of Gray Door is the latest Room Escape game by Twinkle, the author of Alice: Escape from Wonderland, Snow White Escape, Rapunzel Escape and more. Your goal today is to Escape from the Gray Room, in which there is a gray door – locked, of course! Have fun!

Update: Escape of Gray Door walkthrough in comments #43 and #44 (thanks J!)

By Eric

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49 Comments to Escape of Gray Door

  1. shaydaisy says:

    I am first and I am already stuck!

  2. malina says:

    i’m first

  3. linzi says:

    me too!

  4. Jo says:

    i’m stuck, what do i need for the Show

  5. linzi says:

    Got scratch card ashtray(broke mirror with it), remote, battery and 2 puzzle pieces, and have opend safe under table. No idea what to do next.

  6. Hanik says:

    Whoahoa! One of a few games I made on my own! Yipie!!!!

  7. Jo says:

    what can you see from the mirror? also click around on the Show

    for another piece

  8. linzi says:

    can see patch work on couch, but no idea how to open it, have used code from broken mirror, got piece from book cabinet turned on tv but need a dvd for ot to work.

  9. malina says:

    use mirror piece on coach and on ..ahat you broke there theres a code for the box under the table now stuck

  10. Neenee says:


  11. malina says:

    i need fourth piece no idea where to find it

  12. malina says:

    what about the clock?

  13. S says:

    linzi Show

  14. linzi says:

    thanks, feel really stupid for not thinking about the glass!

  15. malina says:

    found fourth piece in the coach

  16. Jo says:

    there are 4 pieces of black puzzle with letters





  17. Jo says:

    has anyone found a coin at all? something for the lottery ticket?

  18. linzi says:

    check the plant

  19. Neenee says:

    To get the CD…

  20. Neenee says:

    The coin

  21. Neenee says:

    The puzzle are where you put the hands of the clock

  22. malina says:

    puzzle pieces are for the clock.but how it works e.x. yellow north east

  23. linzi says:

    where on the couch is the first piece of puzzle?

  24. Jo says:

    out! thanks neenee, why didn’t i check there!

  25. S says:

    I was able to guess at the other puzzle piece that I couldn’t find and get out with the perfect end, so… yay?

  26. malina says:

    what about tv and the lotery puzzle
    when i click on tv it turns off

  27. Neenee says:

    Good question Malina, I’m trying to figure it out. Notice the 2 star cards at the top are a little bigger than the rest. Not sure what that means though.

  28. malina says:

    now i couldnot turn on the tv :((((

  29. malina says:

    tv capuuut:))

  30. Savari says:

    Scratch ticket/TV/number pad

    The code:

  31. linzi says:

    OUT! Thank you all! X

  32. Neenee says:

    Yep Savari got it. I’m out!

  33. malina says:

    out out out

  34. malina says:

    its first time i/m out without help
    its cool :)))

  35. Savari says:

    Perfect end:


  36. Savari says:

    Correction to perfect end:

  37. goldlox57 says:

    You must also put the coin in the slot of the new pad in the hall and get blue diamond to get perfect end after number

  38. shaz says:

    where on couch do u scratch with glass to get a piece

  39. shaz says:

    and wheres this so called battery,still cant find patch on settee to scratch to get 4th piece.

  40. shaz says:

    ok sussed a code out and by chance used it on machine under table to get battery

  41. shaz says:

    cool found patch on side of chair purly by having bit up with 3 pieces which highlighted up patch on settee

  42. shaz says:

    im out. tv bit stumped me for couple of mins

  43. J says:

    Here’s a quick walkthrough. Thank you to everyone who posted; you got me unstuck a few times. Special thanks to Savari; I would *never* have found those pixels on my own.

    First of all, you may need to scroll down to find the game.













  44. J says:

    Heh. I noticed after posting the walkthrough that I didn’t actually give any of the codes, even though they don’t change…



  45. Lala says:

    Great. Except there is one problem: when I turn on the TV I get a black dot and two triangles, the rest of the symbols are squares!

  46. Anne says:

    This game boosted my selfconfidence. I did it without a walkthrough! Thank you!

  47. Jessica says:

    I have to the code for the tv and everything but i click it and nothing. help?

  48. floor says:

    have the same problem with the tv.
    first 2 symbols are not on the tv. Many squares!

  49. nini says:

    Could somebody please explain how you get the 5 and 2 on the code for the tv??
    I understand the 6 and 9 but how do you get 5 and 2?