Aquarius Gate

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Aquarius gateAquarius gateAquarius Gate is a new Rom Escape game by the author of the Twelve Signs series. Your goal here is to find eight blue balls hidden in the room and use them as a password to open the door.

There are two endings in Aquarius Gate, depending on where you will put the statue at the end of the game.

The author forgot to deactivate the TAB key: it will make things easier!

Have fun!

Aquarius Gate walkthrough in comments #6 and #8 (thanks bmic !)

By Eric

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21 Comments to Aquarius Gate

  1. AlphaBetaGamma says:

    First! Normal end

  2. bmic says:

    What do you do with the candles on the shelf?

  3. Jacqueline says:

    Second! Normal end also.

  4. bmic says:

    Third. Finished without the final item.

  5. louise says:

    i cant find I

  6. bmic says:

    Walkthrough (Normal End):


  7. Boone2675 says:

    How do use


  8. bmic says:


    And in case you were wondering:

  9. Boone2675 says:

    Never mind…I got it!!! WooHoo!

  10. marmora says:

    place the statue in the water

  11. bmic says:

    2 walkthroughs and no thanks?

  12. fartpilot says:

    bmic thanks for the help an walkthroughs

  13. shaz says:

    cool game got the normal end

  14. shaz says:

    got best end too

  15. Reka says:

    bmic, you do too use the candle. Show

  16. bmic says:

    Reka- that’s true, but you don’t actually have to.

  17. P-Dogg says:

    I couldn’t get the ‘q’ without using the candle.

  18. michelle says:

    I can’t seem to get the candle so i can light it with the lighter and to get the “q” orbit but it doesn’t seem to be working, and how do i get the candle click on every candle and nothing seem to work help plz

  19. piiopiuiopiuilpiuio says:

    cant light candle to put under stool with Q! plz help!!!

  20. piiopiuiopiuilpiuio says:

    got it! nevr mind.

  21. ReBoot Fan says:

    The game is gone, as apparently are all the other games from this series.
    I found some mirrors through other sites, but other than one on imageshack, you are probably going to have to ask permission.