Treasure of Ogre

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Treasure of OgreTreasure of OgreHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Treasure of Ogre!

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Have fun!

Treasure of Ogre walkthrough in comment #15 (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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25 Comments to Treasure of Ogre

  1. louise says:

    i love these games, short and sweet.

  2. Mary says:

    Yes, and they’re very cute ^_^ It’s always a pity that they’re finished so quickly…

  3. louise says:

    ok i have found three endings so far

  4. MiMi says:

    I love them too, but I think I keep getting the bad ending.

  5. jimmy boi says:

    I Got 2 endings The one with the gold and the one with the 2 floating guys.

  6. ellie says:

    Out! Adorable little games.

  7. paul says:

    played on another site before and it was very cute like before ones.

  8. shaz says:

    out with no these cute games,got the treasure ending.

  9. shaz says:

    mimi did u feed the baby,and try left exit

  10. shaz says:

    jimmy how u get the 2 floating guys ending

  11. Snowman says:

    This walkthrough covers the endings you get from Show


    There may be more to this, so I’ll keep looking… but for now, here ya go!!!

  12. Snowman says:

    More things you can do:








    If you did all that, then when you go through the right hand side path… Show

  13. Reka says:

    I’ve gotten three endings, but I think there must be more, because no matter what I do, the pink floating god is still frowning.

  14. Snowman says:

    Reka, could you put down the three endings? I know one is Show

    and one is Show

    But did what I do in Comment 12 make the third ending, or did you need to do something else too?

    Also, I’m not sure of the pink god is supposed to smile. I mean, there’s always the possibility he’s supposed to, so we’ll have to wonder…

    Man, these games are good.

  15. Reka says:

    Complete walkthrough – well, except for that pesky frown.







    Now you get to choose your ending.

    1. (Sunrise with two guys on clouds) Show

    2. (Sunrise with one guy on a cloud, the other just floating there) Show

    3. (Treasure) Show

  16. neko_diego says:

    Funny, Ogre is a town in Latvia! Didn’t know there was treasure there!

  17. Nicole0280 says:

    how can i sharpen the hatchet using the grindstone?

  18. goldie says:

    Nice game,thnx.

  19. Snowman says:

    OK, great. The mystery has been solved. Congratulations to Reka for writing the walkthrough!!! Hope I helped!!

  20. ??! says:

    I remember playing this just the other day, but man was it tricky.

  21. Diana says:

    *Shakes head* No good. I’ve tried to get the third ending–the one that doesn’t involve going into the monster’s mouth–and time and again I’ve failed. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m following Reka’s walkthrough, but no matter what I do, the baby won’t toss the blue guy unless I clicked the cloud. I’m getting annoyed…

  22. Diana says:

    I have no clue how to get the third ending (the one that doesn’t involve the green cloud), so somebody please post a detailed walkthrough that’s specifically for that ending, because no matter what I do and no matter how many times I replay this game, I keep getting the same two endings repeatedly.

  23. reece says:

    Hey, he got the idea for the red god that was on a cloud the whole game from Katamari games! like the god of thunder, god of rain, ect. (I’ve played 1 and 2 and I can recognize the doorway like thing on his cloud.)

  24. mira says:

    ok is there a bug in this game cause i cant take the log:DDDDDDDD

  25. Lexie Lou says:

    Well have you tried giving the grass to the cow first? ‘Cause then he will pull the log out for you.