Dream Train 2

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Dream Train 2Dream Train 2Dream Train 2 is the sequel to Dream Electricity, a Room Escape game designed by Masato Miura last year in June.

You find yourself trapped in a train car once again in this sequel, and you will have to find several tools if you want to have a chance to escape!

One word: superb!

Don’t forget to save the game in case you get stuck!

Have fun!

Update: Dream Train 2 walkthrough in comment #78 (thanks Padlock!)

By Eric

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99 Comments to Dream Train 2

  1. going nuts!! says:

    ok… used to think baby chicks were cute… not so cute anymore!! LOL

  2. SoDeF says:

    That “god” end comes in handy when you enter one of the dream-ettes, through a door. You’ll get to choose the playing card suit.

  3. SoDeF says:

    les, do you want me to elaborate on what to do with the apple and key?

  4. lokk says:

    anyone know what to do with the compass?

  5. lokk says:

    les…what did u mean whale ..at the back?

  6. going nuts!! says:

    what about the compass? anyone figure out what to do with it?

  7. SoDeF says:

    As far as I can tell, finding the compass is just yet another puzzle to complete to then get access to other things. I think I was able to get into the “deserting” dream room after I found the compass.

  8. lokk says:

    going nuts- any idea about the place above the stool?

  9. bmic says:

    what do you do with the piano??

    found sheet music Show

    to find piano:

  10. Ana says:

    for the chick


  11. Neo says:

    which apple do i take? I’ve taken all the apples without her seeing me, went back, then checked in my inventory, and the (an?) apple wasn’t there! Plz help.

  12. Ana says:


  13. sabrina says:

    you have to wait till the girl faces the tree, click an apple or 2 then when girl turn facing you don’t move your mouse until she faces back toward the tree, you have to take all of the apples

  14. sabrina says:

    has anyone found the middle tool ???

  15. lokk says:

    anyone know what to do with whales?

  16. SoDeF says:

    No, Sabrina, I didn’t find the middle tool (as far as I can remember) and I got out with the good ending!

  17. Zoe says:

    for the whales thing,

    i saw in the other forum,enter 777777 on the phone

  18. Zoe says:

    i’ve got club 1 end
    but still 1 object missing in the inventory

  19. goldilox says:

    clover 2 or diamond 2 = god end?.. what about the whales?. any ideas?. or what about the middle tool? can’t seem to figure it out. nor the cubby by step stool :( . Help! pls…

  20. lokk says:

    i´m stuck as well..

  21. SoDeF says:


  22. Merlina says:

    Wat do you do after you put the stool down?

  23. Merlina says:

    Oh and how do you save the game?

  24. lokk says:


    right click to save game

  25. Padlock says:

    Above the stool and window is a black part you can click on. Right click to save the game.

  26. Padlock says:

    Hm, on the whale that passes by, Show

  27. Padlock says:

    Okay, apparently after you do that, you go to the window where the whales were and Show

    Back on the train, Show

    Which leaves, uh, the middle item and what that compass is about.

  28. Padlock says:

    Walkthrough thus far.

    View the Show

    Turn to the right and do the butterfly puzzle. Show

    Back out of the screen. Do the apple puzzle. Show

    Take the prize and back out of the screen.

    Turn to the left. Step forward and click the window on the right. Do the turtle game. Show

    You should end up with the following Show


    Back out of the screen. Click the window on the left (this is optional, as there are multiple endings). Click the piano as it flies by. Each key is assigned to a letter of the alphabet. a-n on the white keys, o-x on the black keys. Show

    It will tell you Show


    Back out of the screen. Approach the conductor and turn left. Enter the value on the phone you got from the turtle. The conductor will give you Show


    Click on the window directly to the left of the conductor. Do the planet puzzle. Show

    Now go click the window directly to the right of the conductor. Do the puzzle. Show

    Back out of the screen, and turn back to the phone. Show

    Back out of the screen and turn right twice. Show

    Face the conductor, turn around, go all the way forward, and turn to the right. You should see an egg. Show

    In the same area, click the window (the one that doesn’t show you the tracks, but the whales.) Show


    Go back to the phone. Show

    This should trigger another event. Show

    Go back to the window where the whales were. Show

    You are now off the train. Turn left. Show

    Back out of the screen, then turn right. Approach the mirror for some information.

    Back out of that screen and go forward. Show

    Get back on the train. Return to the conductor and turn right. Show

    Go back to the conductor’s door. Show

    The rest is self-explanatory. Hopefully someone finds out about those other things!

  29. cwei says:

    i am out, lol, lame

  30. Martin D says:

    Out with God End written on the side of the train but at the end of the outro it had written (club) 1 end??

  31. Martin D says:

    Now out with the real God End.

  32. cwei says:


  33. Wierra says:

    Merlina: right-click on the game :-)

  34. Moebius says:

    With te window of the planets: (left of the hand)

  35. JoeWilly says:

    To get the middle tool

    To use the middle tool

  36. JoeWilly says:

    BTW, there are 10 endings.

    If you experience them all, you have too much time on your hands ;-)

  37. Wen says:

    To make your life easier with the chick.

  38. Samra says:

    Where do you get the ladder?

  39. Neo says:

    “The prohibited apple was obtained”…thanks Ana! :D

  40. Kaz says:

    Doh! I’m so stuck! I can’t get Show


  41. Sam says:

    That was horribly confusing for a lame anticlimactic ending.

  42. huh? says:

    wait i have benn clicking this cjick so fast but it wont !!!!!!!! ahhh getting soooo angry!!!!! and wat do you do for the whales!?!? and the sunset…. dose it even do anything?

  43. DNOMN8R says:

    Someone plz explain the compass. Where is it?

  44. Sam says:

    I only have 6 planets is that right?
    How do you get the planet key?

  45. Sam says:

    never mind I’m a stupid blind idiot

  46. jobu says:

    Kaz: to enter a number on the phone Show

  47. Lisa says:

    to make the girl not jump at you and get the apples is to move the mouse when she turns away and dont move it when she looks . When you hatch the chik you have to keep clicking on it until it goes white and flys away . To get a step ladder go to the phone thing and its on the wall and at the bottom of the wall you should be able to click there and stick in a key.

  48. Jen says:

    I can’t make the chicken fly! the cat keeps eating it. I’m doing it as fast as I can!!! My finger is killing me! Argh!!

  49. Temerii says: