Dream Train 2

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Dream Train 2Dream Train 2Dream Train 2 is the sequel to Dream Electricity, a Room Escape game designed by Masato Miura last year in June.

You find yourself trapped in a train car once again in this sequel, and you will have to find several tools if you want to have a chance to escape!

One word: superb!

Don’t forget to save the game in case you get stuck!

Have fun!

Update: Dream Train 2 walkthrough in comment #78 (thanks Padlock!)

By Eric

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99 Comments to Dream Train 2

  1. emilia says:

    what to do? (cool I’m first!)

  2. tusa says:

    I changed the language to english and I still can’t red or understand what to do.
    so far I’ve gotten one key

  3. Martin says:

    have two keys and an apple

  4. jackivee says:

    first…but can’t get out of the first car.

  5. jackivee says:

    What do i do with the butterfly?

  6. tusa says:

    how did you get the apple? it keeps sending me to the ‘catnap in the classrrom’.
    also can’t get the key hanging by the window.

  7. emilia says:

    you have too move your mouse while the girl isn’t looking

  8. tusa says:

    turtle window-

  9. meh says:

    i’ve hatched a chick Show

    and i’ve figured out the butterfly puzzle….. and the guy gave me a hammer

  10. tusa says:

    got the language fixed, but still can’t do anything else

  11. tusa says:

    did the planets puzzle and got another key

  12. tusa says:

    the apple girl is really making me made.
    she wont give me an apple

  13. tusa says:

    how did you hatch the egg thing on the floor?

  14. meh says:

    i dunno, i just clicked it after i saw the girl i think?? not exactly sure

  15. meh says:

    oh wait, i think you use the hammer (which is just ahve the hammer in the inventory and click the egg)

  16. tusa says:

    I must be really dense today. I seam to be getting stuck on things that are easy for others.
    all I have so far are two keys: one from the window by the conductor and one from the planet puzzle.
    I did the butterfly, but every time I try to get an apple the girl turns around and I end up in the classroom. I know from the planet puzzle that means I have to start over, but I’m getting really frustrated.

  17. Padlock says:

    In the apple game, Show

    I entered the letters from Show

    I don’t know what that is about.

  18. Padlock says:

    Also, when facing the wall where you see the cat Show

    Wonder what that’s about.

  19. linzi says:

    How do you solve the apple puzzel?

  20. Martin says:

    for the apple Show

  21. meh says:

    thx martin!

  22. tiffany says:

    for the phone the number is 42524

  23. Padlock says:

    Oh, I made a mistake. The window where you get the piano is opposite the turtle window. It is still to the left of the conductor, but that would be clearer.

  24. Reka says:

    So what are we supposed to do with the chick? And where do the keys go?

  25. linzi says:

    Thank you. Now just stuck!

  26. going nuts!! says:

    grey key

    which gives you

  27. Padlock says:

    Hm, in the corner where there are three marks on the ground, you can click on the black part above the window. Maybe something has to be moved there.

  28. brittany says:

    what do u do wit da apple?

  29. brittany says:

    put the step stoll in those holes near the conductor

  30. going nuts!! says:

    tried phone number , what’s supposed to happen?

  31. wazoo says:

    I’m stuck on what to do with the piano, the compass, or the whales.

    I have all items except the one in the middle of the toolbox.

  32. Padlock says:

    The conductor gives you something.

  33. SoDeF says:

    Hello! Does anyone know what the east pointing compass means?

  34. les says:

    I am really stuck on the cat . . and the whales!! help please!

  35. going nuts!! says:

    same here

  36. les says:

    okay i got the chick thing

  37. wazoo says:

    for the cat Show

  38. SoDeF says:

    Thanks les! I guess that was all I needed to exit. Hmm. I know it’s a dream, but, um, just a little *too* random.

  39. les says:

    i know what the back window does now (kinda, i can get a different view of something out it) but i STILL can’t figure out the whales and i think you need whatever it is the whales will give you to help with the back window

  40. les says:

    and i can’t figure out what to do with the new key and the apple

  41. going nuts!! says:

    ok been clicking like crazy Show


  42. Reka says:

    Re: chick, someone on escapegames24 had a VERY helpful hint: Show

  43. les says:

    honestly it took me FOREVER . . .you just have to click LOTS and not stop!!!

  44. SoDeF says:

    The apple

    The key from the chick (so glad she escaped from the cat!)

  45. Zoe says:

    1.For the view where you can see a cat,wait for about 10 secs,it will run and then click on the window when the cat on it,it appears a compass,but don’t know what to do with it.
    2.What to do with the whales?

  46. meh says:

    if you wait in the sunset for a long time, a flying piano appears in the sun, click it and i think you have to play whats in the paper

  47. going nuts!! says:

    i did that and all it did was tell me something about a good end, unless i missed something!!

  48. lokk says:

    what to do in teh “room” above the ladder?

  49. les says:

    The whales . . at the back

  50. les says:

    or what to do with the hanging key and the apple