An Encounter with Unknown

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An Encounter with UnknownAn Encounter with Unknown is a new Room Escape game and the third game created by Oto Takita from Japan (Koa series). You find yourself trapped in a “room” with a Portal in front of you, and you have no idea how to make it work! The TAB key is your friend in this one. Have fun!

Update: An Encounter with Unknown walkthrough in comment #31 (thanks Snowman!)

Note: the original link is no longer active. The game is now hosted on our server.

By Eric

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46 Comments to An Encounter with Unknown

  1. Phil says:

    2 paper clips(1 unfurled) and piece of paper.
    Cant make them do anything else.

  2. Phil says:

    Used Tab key and got some coloured string and an awl.

  3. Em says:

    gonna try the game now..

  4. Phil says:

    Sorry awl is screw driver.

  5. Em says:

    got the lamps on the panel to shine, they are ON. have no idea what to do next…

  6. Em says:

    found a white paper…

  7. sabrina says:

    can’t find paper clips, played this earlier on another site, after you push the switch then push the other switches one at a time, so push the first switch and back out then enter the new door

  8. sabrina says:

    where’s the paper clips ? i can’t remember where i found them befor grrr lol, short term memory lol

  9. Em says:

    cant do anything more now…going crazy!

  10. sabrina says:

    em, push the switches one at a time

  11. the witch says:

    got the lights on what next anyone no?

  12. Bethany says:

    Flick one switch to see what happens

  13. liz says:

    tab isnt working for me for some reason…wheres the screwdriver?

  14. sabrina says:

    where are the paper clips please

  15. Phil says:

    Switch turns on panel of switches higher up on left of pod.

  16. sabrina says:

    screw driver is on the back of the tube thing, click the right bottom part to get side view, then the upper right part

  17. Jerre says:


  18. Phil says:


  19. Em says:

    found the last thing in the inventory, dont know what the symbols on the 2 papers means??

  20. liz says:

    never mind, found it

  21. Bethany says:

    I have no clue what to do, have all items, been in all rooms…i am assuming the last room is the puzzle..but not sure how to solve it.

  22. Jerre says:


  23. sabrina says:

    please can someone tell me where the paper clips are, anyone will do thanks

  24. sabrina says:

    never mind i found them !

  25. liz says:

    Found some help on escape games 24, if you wanna know the sequence without working it out yourself then take a look:


    if you havent turned on the console in the last room then:




  26. sabrina says:

    thank you liz that helped me lots, i was really sweating the flower things

  27. liz says:

    no probs. it was the same with me even when someone on escpaegames24 actually explained how to work it out i couldnt get it…just stupid i guess lol

  28. sabrina says:

    yay, saved the green eyed alien

  29. sabrina says:

    well actually the word ‘rhomboid’ threw me off but i figured it out, thanks again liz

  30. sabrina says:

    i need a vodka after this game LOL !

  31. Snowman says:

    How I beat the game
    A paper: Show

    Two paperclips: Show

    A screwdriver: Show

    A string: Show

    Combined Show

    Then I Show

    Used the Show

    Now there’s a creepy noise going on… and I can flick the switches!
    So then I flicked the Show

    So now this time I flicked the Show

    Now I flicked the Show

    OK, now it’s time to go to the Show

    Now I went back to the Show

    Now time to go to the Show

    So then I went back to the Show

    So then you go to the fifth switch room and liz explains the last puzzle with the flowers. (Thanks a lot to liz!)

  32. natwu says:

    I clicked everywhere on the screen where I found the paper but nothing!!

  33. natwu says:

    i mean I found the paper but no screwdriver!

  34. natwu says:

    out of nowhere I found the screwdriver.

  35. David says:

    I solved puzzle in room 5. Now what?

  36. GamerJoe says:

    Same problem as david

  37. Snowman says:

    Oh yes, and once you have completed the last puzzle with the flowers:

  38. Carl ''No.1 GAMER'' Cosby says:

    the games a bit bogey………no logic to it at all!! ‘_’

  39. MaximumRide fan says:

    How do u combine items?

  40. MaximumRide fan says:

    Never mind

  41. Angelo says:

    Yes but what is the motivation oh the problema of 5 floor? Edit:****

  42. Bryan says:

    Finally finished – thanks Snowman.

    For those having difficulty finding items, try using the tab key. If the tab key doesn’t seem to be working for you, you need to highlight something above the game window prior to tabbing. That way you will highlight each of the clickable items / areas in the game each time. There doesn’t seem to be a particular order to what gets highlighted when you tab – there may be items that pop up after the exit bar is highlighted.

  43. AnOnYMouse says:

    link is broken

  44. daisy says:

    This was one of the best escape games I’ve played. I’m so proud I figured the flowers out by myself! If you found all the clues then it really isn’t that hard


    I hope that makes it clearer for anyone who was wondering about HOW to get the answer to the flower.

  45. Mikey says:

    I found the paper clips and every thing else.. psh I have no idea HELP!!!

  46. Mikey says:

    Also, how do you combine the paper clips and the string?????