Ghost Escape

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Ghost EscapeGhost Escape is the latest Room Escape game released by GamesHandbook. “A ghost has chased you into an old haunted cabin. You must escape before the ghost gets in.” Be quiet, you wouldn’t want the ghost to hear you! Have fun!

Update: Ghost Escape walkthrough in comment #9 (thanks tihana!)

By Eric

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24 Comments to Ghost Escape

  1. rosita says:


  2. rosita says:

    anybody on?im stuck i managed to open window and table but thats it!,,i have a hammer sock key and a bandade?

  3. jong says:


  4. rosita says:

    yea im out!! need help just ask away:)

  5. jong says:


  6. SleepyDragon says:

    I can’t move the rug, the table or open the window without the ghost appearing!

  7. SleepyDragon says:

    Ok, moved the rug.

  8. SleepyDragon says:

    out! The pink thing is not a band aid, its soap or wax or something.

  9. tihana says:


    youre welcome ;)

  10. jay says:

    cant open the window without ghost appearing? what am i doing wrong?

  11. Lyxmorsan says:

    Cant use the key on window without ghost appearing

  12. Lyxmorsan says:

    Well, right, now i got it…the power of posting…

  13. Savari says:

    @ jay, Lyxmorsan
    To open window, you have to

  14. fay says:


  15. GamerJoe says:

    This game sucked. A LOT!

  16. Clara says:

    It would be better if when you clicked stuff that is supposed to be noisy, that the noise is played through on your speakers, instead of that wind noise

  17. miacat says:

    GamerJoe and Clara: you’re so damn right!

  18. Susan says:

    …………!? I think I’m speechless!!!!!! This is the WORST game I’ve ever played and that’s saying alot…..hope there won’t be a “Ghost Escape 2” :-[

  19. Chrissy says:

    It was alright. Dont mind it.

    For those who say “WORST GAME EVER” why didnt you quit when you thought it was stupid eh?

  20. XxsexyxX says:

    i dont like this game, but i dont hate it ether.
    it COULD be better, but than again my sisters love playing it. Lol

  21. cassandra says:

    Hey I got the key sock hammer glass cutter and soap. I just don’t know why it won’t let me use the glass cutter on the rug nor will it let me know where the red button is that you need to click on in order for the ghost not to show up please help

  22. HAVA says:


  23. Jason says:

    i don’t even get how to open the gay gate

  24. sara says:

    its just the worst game i have ever played !#%$^$%&