Escape from the Earth of Sand

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Escape from the Earth of SandEscape from the Earth of SandEscape from the Earth of Sand is a new Room Escape game by StrawberryCafe (Treasure Search of Silver, Escape from room of hesitation, Heart Escape, Escape from rooftop where “Sakura” flutters).

I should correct myself and call this game a Desert Escape game instead of a Room Escape game.

Anyway, there are two endings in this one.

Have fun!

Update: Escape from the Earth of Sand walkthrough in comment #1 (thanks pOlo!)

By Eric

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18 Comments to Escape from the Earth of Sand

  1. pOlo says:



  2. Vanni_Ogg says:

    Authors comment: please don’t write complete walkthrough untill June 7th… too late

  3. aa60 says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough pOlo…..I could’nt have done it without you….lol
    Im the 1st to use the walkthrough…..Im never 1st on these games without a walkthrough as Im so DIM………..X

  4. aa60 says:

    I would also like to thank Vanni_Ogg for a great game……X

  5. jackivee says:

    There are two endings…

  6. Vanni_Ogg says:

    I’m not the author!!!! I just found this hint on another side.

  7. Vanni_Ogg says:

    I’m the one who is stucked with planting the seed, where should I do that?

  8. Savari says:

    You plant the seed:

  9. aa60 says:

    Whoops!!……..Sorry Vanni_Ogg, hanging my head in shame.

  10. Grace says:

    I can’t smash the compass….can any1 help???????????????????

  11. Vanni_Ogg says:

    thanks savari! clicked everywhere.
    don’t worry aa60, it was my mistake ;-))

  12. shaz says:

    hmmmm when u go bk to oasis it say go right to get left stone,u cant go right from the oasis screen only left , up or down

  13. shaz says:

    grrrrrr i cant get 2nd balloon

  14. shaz says:

    ok sussed it

  15. shaz says:

    interesting game

  16. alee says:

    To go to the right of the oasis Show

  17. kendall says:

    the other end, when you can, at the oasis turn right 3 times. you won! it says The End.

  18. ReBoot Fan says:

    Nice, plant a tree, get a forest.