6 Differences

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6 Differences6 DifferencesAfter a “nightmare day”, Case Hollingsworth has released 6 Differences, a wonderful sequel to his original game 5 Differences, a spot the differences game that – I quote Jay“incorporates gorgeous and surreal, animated graphics and images. Just click on a difference when you spot it, either side will work, to change the difference into a matching set.”

6 Differences is sponsored by CrazyMonkeyGames and once again, you better get your fingers ready for some serious clicking!

There are fourteen levels in total.

Have fun!

6 Differences walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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47 Comments to 6 Differences

  1. Rob says:

    AHA! FIRST! Hard game, but fun.

  2. laughingpoodle says:

    I really liked this one. Hard but not impossible. Beautifully done…love the varied use of numbers and animation.

  3. yram says:

    these games are so simple. i don’t play them. nothing to solve and no thinking.

  4. Snowman says:

    Part Of A Walkthrough:
    First of all, you should know in every level there is a difference counter. This shows how many more differences there are. It’s sometimes hard to find, but it’s there. Also, you can press “H” once per level for a hint. Plus, there are (duh) 6 differences. Here we go:
    LEVEL 1: Show

    LEVEL 2: Show

  5. Reka says:

    Snowman, before you get too far in the walkthrough, note that the levels aren’t numbered in any way, so it’d probably be a good idea to describe the picture in each, not just give the differences.

    (I’m replaying now to see if I can find the ones where I needed hints.)

  6. TXgirl says:

    Very nice game! I never could figure out the last item on the two scientists. Had to get a hint.

  7. CaliGirl says:

    Level 3:Show

    Level 4:Show

    Level 5:Show

  8. CaliGirl says:

    Level 6:Show

  9. Reka says:

    1. Stargazing guy. Show

    2. Roadway with ghostly cars. Show

    3. Decrepit sign. Show

    4. Walk/don’t walk sign. Show

    5. Stop sign. Show

    6. Loading dock (with guy smoking). Show

    7. (Mirrored) Hands waving in front of staircase with eyes. Show

    8. No Trainspotting. Show

    9. (Mirrored) Stag riding the subway. Show

    10. Railroad, ahem, sorry, ruminant crossing. Show

    11. (Mirrored) Space Available. Show

    12. (Mirrored) Telescope. Show

    13. Factory chimney spewing a colorful nebula.Show

    14. Church sign. Show

    15. (Mirrored) Couple watching the sunrise. Show

    • james says:

      on the mirroed telescope level the counter is in the center kalidascope like part that moves depending on where you move your mouse
      thanks for the walk through

    • Kat says:

      For the counter on 12 (telescope) if you look in the kaleidoscope the white outlines in it that’s the counter, it shows the number clearest when it reaches its outermost point. (: Just figured I’d let you know.

  10. Isaac says:

    12. (Mirrored) Telescope.

  11. Vanni_Ogg says:

    if you use H for last difference in last level, the game won’t end

  12. Suz says:

    What a beautiful game! Thank you for making this, Case. You’re very creative.

  13. David Mulder says:

    Just wanted to point out that in the telescope level the counter is located inside the telescope. Its the big rotating number

  14. Josesita says:

    Where can i get a hint???????

  15. drain pipe6 says:

    ok on the space availible level there is like an angel face in the cnter of the sky. wierd!

  16. drain pipe6 says:

    in my last post i said about face in the sky. well there is a bears face in the moon as it spreads out from center.

  17. jeff4468 says:

    telescope level: counter in telescope

  18. unseeablething says:

    Clap Clap Clap!


  19. Snowman says:

    Hadn’t had a chance to update the walkthrough, had to do something. But anyway good job Reka. Helped me redo it. (Because it was fun!!!!)

  20. Ivory says:

    Eric, you’re my savior. let me repeat that. you are my savior.

    I’d take you up on that case if you were anywhere near me.

    Millions of thanks, man.

    (again, my savior)

  21. Eric says:

    @ Ivory – You’re welcome Case!

  22. Sean says:

    On the first level, I was searching for differences. After I found the Show

    I noticed it had what looked like words underneath it. I thought it would be just a white blob, but when I zoomed in (via right mouse click), the sign said “Eat S**t _______ Restaurant.” The blank is the last word on the sign that I couldn’t make out. Funny. Post back if you see it, or figure out that last word.

  23. CDC says:

    I think it says

  24. Collin says:

    counter on the telescope level is in the kelidascope looking area in the telescope…it is the “boarder” of the changing colors

  25. shaboopy says:

    hey yea um reka for level 12 the counter is wat he is looking at through the telescope

  26. Rell says:

    Reka, I found the counter for the telescope level.

  27. BlueRooster says:

    The difference counter on the telescope level is in the telescopic image.

  28. Rae says:

    I love this game it’s hard at times but well worth playing.

  29. Sean says:

    whats the “bright light below said building (second light pole from the right, not counting the one that’s flickering) “?

  30. Sean says:

    how come u have to make the number to 0 to make it to next lvl?o wait,it might mean how much its left

  31. TheKid says:

    This is a really great game.

  32. Taylor says:

    the counter for 12 is in the kalidoscope image if you move ur mouse over it, it will turn and then youll see the number

  33. Hugo says:

    Excuse me, I don’t suppose anybody knows what Show


  34. Ravira says:

    In ammendment to the very helpful guide left by Reka in the 9th comment:
    The counter for the telescope is in the telescope’s lens, although sometimes not clearor visible because of the picture’s movement.

  35. Danny says:

    i love this game well better than 5 differnces took me a while to load this up though

  36. Patrick M says:

    Here is a brief walkthrough for those of you who are stuck.


    You’re Finished! Hope that was fun for you!

    -Patrick M of Washinton

  37. kingpin says:

    for those who couldnt find the counter in the telescope, kaleidoscope one in the kaleidoscope you can kinda see the number but its split in 4

  38. cami says:

    grrr i dont under stand what u mean by the brite lite or wutever on level 2

  39. cami says:

    nvm just used da hint lol

  40. 6diffs says:

    found the counter on the 12th stage. its the kaleidoscope! look hard!!

  41. taz says:

    Level 7 made me feel stoned…

  42. zac says:

    the counter in level 12 is the light in the telescope, you will see it when the light moves around a bit

  43. mitch says:

    the counter in the telescope is in the circle thing when you look at it i has sixes in it

  44. Quazy says:

    Game link doesn’t work for me, says webpage cannot be found.