Bomb Chain Unlimited

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Bomb Chain UnlimitedBomb Chain UnlimitedBomb Chain Unlimited is the sequel to the popular puzzle game Bomb Chain that was released last December at Arcade Bomb.

The goal remains unchanged here and you still have to blow up ALL the bombs on the board by creating the perfect chain reaction.

Use the mouse to drag and drop the bombs on the grid, click on any bomb to set the chain reaction in motion.

Bomb Chain Unlimited introduces new features like the X tiles (don’t blow them up), the switches (they must be ALL green to complete a level) and you can stack an unlimited number of bombs.

If you enjoyed Bomb Chain, you will love the 40 new levels of Bomb Chain Unlimited!

Have fun!

By Eric

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169 Comments to Bomb Chain Unlimited

  1. lady ryche says:

    Does anyone have the solution for level 20?

  2. lady ryche says:

    Level 20? Still hopelessly stuck :(

  3. ik wel says:


    i am stuck on level 26

    please helpppppppppppppppp

  4. ik wel says:

    sorry i mean level 28

  5. Sappharos says:

    Level 36 is awful. I got to the point where I would need just one more green bomb, then tried using the walkthroughs posted here, no luck. Could someone help pleeease?

  6. Sofys says:

    I’m stuck on lvl 3. x_x
    Can anyone help me, please?
    Thanks. :)

  7. Sofys says:

    I figured it out. :P

  8. Gevaen says:

    Great game!

    I noticed that for some levels you doesn’t even need to use all bombs.
    Level 28 for example : finished it and still had one 3-tiles red bomb left.

    Was this made on purpose?

  9. Instinct says:

    i´m stuck on lvl 5 =/..can anybody help me?

  10. Instinct says:

    got it^^

  11. maaaacoooh says:


  12. jake says:

    i need some help with lvl 8 cant get past

  13. LSfan70s says:

    I’m stock on 34! The spoiler on the 1st page is wrong or I’m not understanding it. Please help!!!!

  14. LSfan70s says:

    This is what you guys got for 36… but on c3 there’s a red bomb?


  15. NicoDem says:

    Lvl 20:


  16. chard says:

    Can someone help me with level 28?

  17. chard says:

    not 28 sorry, 31?

  18. nooooob says:

    Need help with lvl 6!!!!
    spolier on page 2 doesn’t make sense or im reading it totally wrong!
    can someone plzzzz help!!!

  19. leo says:

    need help with lvl 19, someone!!

  20. Krissi says:

    Crazy!!! I get crazy! Lv. 20 dosn’t work like in spoiler…..
    Pls. help someone again with lv 20 befor I get taken to hospital…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. NicoDem says:

    lvl 20 checked, and it work like I said before….

    Remember: A0 bottom left, letters horiz. from A to I, and numbers vert. from 0 to 8.

  22. NicoDem says:

    by the way, I am stuck at lvl 26… Can someone help me, please?

  23. newbie says:

    help! stuck on 8 and can’t do procedure on pg. 1

  24. Cabanna says:

    LSfan70s, try counting

  25. ivea says:

    Please help me with level 27 ! Please!!

  26. ivea says:

    help with level 27!!!!

  27. dan says:

    i still cant figure out level 5 can anyone help

  28. dan says:

    level 6

  29. ivea says:

    Please, someone say please level 31 !!! Please!!

  30. ivea says:

    ilevel 31 drive me crazy!!!!!!!!!!! please, help!

  31. ivea says:

    there is no any people who would like to help me with level 31 :( ??

  32. ivea says:

    sorry, now i need level 32!!

  33. ivea says:

    and now i really need help with 35 level!!!

  34. Kywaye says:

    how do you do level 8???

  35. Grumly says:

    Thanks a lot Cabana. 36 was really awful

  36. Jay-Joe D says:



  37. Jay-Joe D says:

    can someone please help me with level 26 because iv’e been stuck on it for ages

  38. Jay-Joe D says:

    i mean 28

  39. joey says:

    i am stuck on level 23, please help

  40. joey says:

    I can’t finish level 26. Can anyone help me please!!!!!!

  41. joey says:

    sorry, I’ve already finished it!

  42. Kinotsu says:

    Need severe help with lvl 11, the solution on here doesnt work…

  43. Kinotsu says:

    cancel that, need help on 15!!

  44. lachecke says:

    To those who were wondering why comments 7 sollution does not work for Level 11, is because Red C3 according to his table should be C2. He made it to be A0 bottom left so 0 would be the first bottom box but Red C3 he did not had the 0 box so its just simple 1,2,3. Hope this explanation was clear lol.

  45. Unowninator says:

    I need help w/ Level 19!!!

  46. Unowninator says:

    Never mind; I figured it out.

  47. lachecke says:

    Need help with level 19. spoiler does not work

  48. lachecke says:

    Level 19 solution. Show

  49. Denzel says:

    i don’t undrstand lv 8

  50. Denzel says:

    s’cuse me,11 is confusing and everybody is using c3 and d4 will you please stop using that just count 1 2 3 to the right down or left,and i’m stuxck on 11