Elephant’s Artist

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Elephant's ArtistElephant's ArtistHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Elephant’s Artist!

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Have fun!

Update: Elephant’s Artist walkthrough in comment #16 (thanks iddyboo!)

By Eric

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22 Comments to Elephant’s Artist

  1. dog says:

    These games are so easy, but kind of cute.

  2. dog says:

    I didn’t know elephants like apples!!!!

  3. laughingpoodle says:

    Guess so! Cute!!

  4. daybreak says:

    So easy! I’m out!

  5. shaz says:

    ist time ive ever been stuck on these type of games,got spade used,gave carrot to bunnie.put balloon in right place,got art supplies tried putting on hboard nothing happend and how do u get to apples

  6. jackivee says:

    I love these…I look forward to them every week!

  7. jackivee says:

    to get apples Show

  8. shaz says:

    ok sussed it got the fish end,apprently theres another ending

  9. shaz says:

    got the apple ending too

  10. Reka says:

    Ok, I suppose I’m ashamed to say this, but I’m completely stuck. I’ve literally tried everything with everything, but nothing is happening.

    What am I missing?

    (I don’t like the direction these games are going. I mean, they were always a bit, um, whimsical, but there’s a difference betwen whimsy and utter nonsense.)

  11. Scout says:


  12. Rock says:

    out.. going to bed.. got apple ending i think… don’t know what the fish ending would be

    if no walkthrough is posted in the morning I will make one :)

  13. taurus says:


  14. vytraas says:

    To get the fish ending:

  15. Mimi says:

    I love these games, perfect with a cup of tea in the morning.

  16. iddyboo says:











  17. aa60 says:

    A simple game but I could’nt do it without you lot!!……lol

  18. Alexa Karuda says:

    Is there not a ‘perfect clear’ version, or some version other than the one with the elephant painting a picture of an apple? There’s usually two endings with these games….

  19. nitrox says:

    i think that this game was inspired by the elephant painting a self protrait… check it out on youtube

  20. Andy says:

    Alex – there are two endings. A fish ending Show

    and an apple ending Show

  21. Fish end says:

    you have to give elephant apple first so it gets up and than u cilck the canvas by yourself with art supplies dont give it to elephant unless you want apple ending

  22. Hther says:

    at apple ending then Show

    fish end also!