Bubble Splash

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Bubble SplashBubble SplashBubble Splash is the latest game released by Felix Wiesner and Mathias Menzel-Nielsen from Mausland Entertainment. The concept of the game is a mix between two famous arcade games, Tetris and Puzzle Bobble. Actually, Bubble Splash is a brand new Java implementation of Magical Drop, a series of fast-paced games designed in the nineties for the Neo-Geo and Super Nintendo consoles.

The object here is to grab and then re-stack bubbles descending from the top of a Tetris-style box with a little mouse. You can pick up as many bubbles as you like so long as they are all matching color. Bubbles disappear when three or more of the same color are put together in a single column. As the bubbles shift after disappearance, rewarding chain reactions can be created. The game ends when a bubble reaches the bottom of the game’s window.

Use the arrow left and right keys to move your mouse. Use the down arrow to pick up bubbles and the up key to re-stack them.

The authors kept in Bubble Splash the same look and feel of the original game and both graphics and animations are really well done. Six different music themes are also available, depending on the character selected at the beginning of the game. My only complain is that the music can become annoying after a while and there is no option to turn it off.

Overall, Bubble Splash is one of the most intense puzzlers I’ve ever played online, and things usually get unmanageable fast (at least for me)! Really exciting and be warned, highly addictive! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


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