Bear Catcher

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Bear CatcherBear CatcherHere is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Bear Catcher!

If you enjoy this game, don’t forget to check out Rabbit’s Rocket, Volume of Certain Crab, Flowers from HARAPEKO, The Four Seasons of Castle and Wonderful Sea by the same author!

Have fun!

Bear Catcher walkthroughs in comments #3 and # 9 (thanks tihana and Yma spelt backwards!)

By Eric

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16 Comments to Bear Catcher

  1. fistngore says:

    wth. so ez???

  2. eemerics says:

    there are two endings

  3. tihana says:

    im feeling generous ;) so here is a little walkthrough

    and get the bear!!!

    i love these minoto games

  4. Reka says:

    Well, it wasn’t as nonsensical as the last one.

    But they really need to work on their translation: Show

  5. laughingpoodle says:

    Very simple. I like these games!!

  6. Jeff says:

    That was simple and fun. They are nice games.

  7. shaz says:

    that was fun,didnt need the walkthrough it was that easy

  8. aa60 says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough….Yes!! I am a bit slow…….lol
    Nice little game……X

  9. Yma spelt backwards says:

    Just another walkthrough for fun!!


    You’ve won!!! Hope this helps!! have fun playing!!! :)

  10. bob says:

    is there a second ending to this one? b/c i cant figure out one thats different then the walkthrough already mentioned

  11. goldilox says:

    Darn! The joy stick on the crane game is stuck . Can’t seem to get it out …:(

  12. Yma spelt backwards says:

    Eric – thanks tihana…
    – no thanks to Yma spelt backwards??
    Am i a stranger or what???

    Edit: Oops, sorry about that ;-)

  13. Fallen says:

    That was cute. Easy too. No need for a walkthrough really.

  14. kyonkyon says:

    wait…it was the GOAL to get the teddy??? weird japanese games XD but so cute♥

  15. Neko Minamino says:

    The other ending is pretty simple…xD

  16. sax3r says:

    second ending has you getting back the Show

    by Show