The Life Ark

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The Life ArkThe Life ArkFound at Free World Group:

“In the beginning there was nothing, just dust and empty space. In time, over millions of years this dust joined to form celestial objects in the vast darkness.

But something was missing… life.

Beings from another dimension found this dead universe and brought life with them to one lonely planet.

You’re objective is to continue the work of the aliens and build an inter-dimensional ark to spread life in this world.

Solve puzzles, click click click and see where that gets you. Good luck!”

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Have fun!

Update: The Life Ark walkthrough in comment #13 (thanks Clark H.!)

By Eric

current rating 3.56


41 Comments to The Life Ark

  1. monte says:


  2. David says:

    Woohoo first

  3. Andy says:

    Walkthrough so far:

    As far as ive got, hope its helpful

  4. iiii says:

    So far, I have Show

  5. Ana says:

    if you click the cave a little dude comes out and eats the apple, then its taken by some spaceship and when you click the cave again a girl comes out… and im stuck

  6. Ana says:

    oh no, wait, if you click the river the little green sprout will grown, click the girl and she will climb it and get some blue thing. now im really stuck

  7. monte says:

    click the fire and the girl will throw the guy into it…

  8. monte says:

    after the ship shows up, i couldn’t get the puzzle and I think it ended

  9. Ana says:

    ooooh i got it, if you follow Andy’s walkthrough, then click the cave, the dude will eat the apple and leave on some spaceship. click the cave again and the girl will come out. click the river, she will climb the mountain and get the blue thing. click th fire in the volcano and she will toss the blue thing inside, this will make the kettle turn into yet another spaceship. click on the weird drawing on top of the mountain and the spaceship will pop open and a red kettle will come out, it will pour some golden liquid, click on it and it will turn into an ark. click the ark, solve the puzzle and you’re done.

  10. Ana says:

    the puzzle is basically the same as the other one.

  11. wedgejo says:

    i beat it

  12. melissa says:

    I cannot get the fire to light up the volcano door after solving the puzzle!!!!

  13. Clark H. says:

    Got a score of 12746, but the Highscores page isn’t showing it,
    or the other (+11000 points) scores I sent. Oh well.
    Care for a walkthrough?


  14. laughingpoodle says:

    bizarre little game

  15. miacat says:

    very cute, nice little setting, really charming. but I must admit that I find it quite annoying to start over and over again just because of one false move…

  16. isaac5 says:

    weird how do you know that you win if you finish the puzzle i think i figured it out but i cant tell cause i cant go back into the puzzle and it never said you win or anything

  17. Volcano Probs says:

    I kept clikin the door of the volcano and it went on 2 fires and nothin happened, what am i doin wrong? i followed andy’s walkthrough but im stuk here

  18. Olivia says:

    the cloud wont turn dark when i put if over the kettle when the steam comes out wat am i doing wrong

  19. wtf says:

    i dont get how to do the ark puzzle

  20. Rik says:

    this is just like the grow game series

  21. bekkie says:

    i got some off the tips but not all

    i tried and tried but never finished so thanks all of you for the tips


  22. John says:

    Great game. Love these Grow type games! Oh and unless I’m crazy… the “girl” is a caveman :-)

  23. Natan says:

    That’s nothing like the grow series, you have to find random items in here, the grow series is different and is alot more enjoyable

  24. /l says:

    I Cant get anny further than the girl is down the ground..

    what next?

    help please

  25. fdfadasdf says:

    i need help

  26. archippus says:


  27. CJ says:

    I can’t get the green plant to grow it is just stuck.

  28. Sophie says:

    ugh! I can’t get up from the stream.. help please

  29. Benzer says:

    Complete Walkthrough here.


  30. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    dude where is the friggin chord?

  31. monkmingo-monkey+flamingo says:

    wow im stupid i didn skroll up

  32. Sarah says:

    A fix for the walkthrough:

  33. polkin777 says:


  34. SkateSnow says:

    on the high scores i got over 15000 and it didn’t show up

  35. SkateSnow says:

    can u fix it plz????

  36. Gage1289 says:

    I Beat any Questions just ask

  37. Gage1289 says:

    18000 OH yeah!

  38. Stephani says:

    I finished the game. it’s sooooo easy. =D

  39. Gir212riG says:

    u throw throw the blue thing in the cave fire and a ufo will apear then u click on the picture of the ufo. click the kettle thatll apear and then click the teathe ark will apear click the squre in it and guess.

  40. SOLDAT says:

    I WIN WITH 15.355 POINTS.

  41. elle says: